A public adjuster expertly mediates the claims process between the policyholder and the insurance company. Moreover, the public adjuster will represent the policyholder’s best interest through the procedures. In other words, a public adjuster will fight to obtain maximum compensation for the homeowner’s incurred losses.

If you think you deserve more money on your property damage claim, then you can use your mediation or appraisal rights. These two methods will, in most cases, get you more money if justified. In both cases, the ProFloridian Public Adjusters experts will represent you against the insurance company.

The appraisal process leaves the final decision in the hands of a neutral Umpire. But before that, both the insurance company and you need to appoint an appraiser to represent your best interest. We act as your appraiser, and we will meet with the insurance company’s appraiser at the scene of the loss to review the incurred losses. If we can’t reach a compromise, then the final decision is taken by the Umpire.

If the policyholder doesn’t agree with the compensation proposed by the insurance company, then they need to file a lawsuit for additional compensation. Before that, though, the state appoints a mediator (attorney) that attempts to reach a compromise. The mediator will convene a meeting with all implicated parties and try to avoid a lawsuit. We act as your representative in this meeting, which usually lasts less than an hour. In general, insurance companies will avoid at all costs going to court and will likely agree to your demands.

Insurance adjusters are independent claims adjusters hired by insurance companies to represent their interest in the claim procedures. These adjusters will try to underpay you and keep more money for their employer. If the policyholder wants fair representation during the claim procedures, they should hire a public adjuster. ProFloridian Public Adjusters will only work for the homeowner and fight to obtain the best settlement for the incurred losses!

We charge no upfront fee on public adjusting services. Instead, we charge a percentage-based commission from the insurance compensation we obtain. If you don’t get paid by the insurance company, you won’t have to pay us a dime. So, it’ll always be in our best interest to obtain more money for you from the insurance company.

Property damage claims make you eligible to receive enough financial compensation to restore your property to the state it was before the incurred damage. The payout takes into consideration the deductible, as well. You’re not entitled nor justified in receiving more money than necessary to repair your home. Our public adjusters will not help you make a profit from property damage claims.

Insurance claims are carried out by expert adjusters. If you don’t hire a public adjuster to represent you, it’s your responsibility to prove your loss to the insurance company. This requires ample knowledge about insurance policies, forms and endorsements, your rights as the policyholder, and damage assessment. A public adjuster can handle all these procedures for you. As expert adjusters, we have a very high rate of success when filing property damage claims. We can help you obtain maximum compensation for your losses!

Yes, we can! ProFloridian Public Adjusters has successfully solved many denied claims and obtained maximum compensation for our clients. After negotiating with the insurance company and providing clear evidence of the facts, they can only pay for the incurred losses. We’re specialized in solving denied claims in Florida!

Florida law requires you to report property losses within three years from the data that the losses occurred. However, we recommend reporting them as soon as they happen. That’s because most insurance companies can use certain contractual provisions to make the claim procedures harder if you delay the report by more than six months. Still, it’s not impossible to win such claims, and ProFloridian Public Adjusters guarantees success in 9/10 cases!

Insurance companies are required to either pay or deny a claim in 90 days. So, within that timeframe, you’ll receive the first check (the sum of money you’d receive if you didn’t hire ProFloridian Public Adjusters). Then, you can contest the payout and hire our firm. At that point, the adjusting procedures may take anywhere between three to six months.

Yes, public adjusters are licensed, tested, educated, and authorized by the State of Florida to practice public adjusting. The Department of Financial Services has licensed all the public adjusters at ProFloridian Public Adjusters. We have the same training as the insurance adjusters hired by your insurance company.

Insurance policies are complex documents that contain a large number of stipulations, exclusions, endorsements, and they are always updated and revised. The average homeowner shouldn’t expect to be aware of these things. However, not being familiarized with the claims process and the insurance stipulations will likely result in an underpaid or denied claim. The insurance company will leverage your lack of knowledge and preparation to take advantage of you. Only a public adjuster can safely walk the thin line of the claim procedures and obtain maximum compensation for your losses!

No, the insurance company is strictly forbidden to close your contract or deny your claim if you exercise your right to hire an expert public adjuster. The State of Florida permits this course of action, and if the insurance company acts in discrimination, they will violate your rights.

Our public adjuster will arrive at your place and perform a preliminary damage assessment. We want to know the extent and severity of the damage, its cause, and your overall losses. With our comprehensive methodology, we’ll ensure all the damage and losses are accounted for in the documentation. With the evidence ready, we’ll contact your insurance company and file the claim, negotiating a settlement that’s in your best interest.

An insurance company’s initial settlement will always be disproportional to your actual incurred losses. That way, they’ll pay you less money and keep more for themselves. They often use your lack of insurance claim knowledge and experience to invoke deceitful regulations and exceptions. Without a professional public adjuster like those at AmericanChoice Public Adjusters to safeguard your best interest, you’ll be underpaid!

The reason we recommend hiring our professional public adjuster to file the claim on your behalf is your lack of experience and knowledge with property damage. The insurance public adjuster who’ll assess your damage and losses looks after the insurance company’s best interest. Without us, they’ll have an easier time tricking you into accepting an underpayment. On the other hand, once you hire us, we’ll serve your best interest until we obtain a satisfactory settlement.

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