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Natural disasters have become a yearly occurrence in Sunrise and throughout the rest of Florida. Between the annual hurricane watches and frequent rain and wind storms, Florida homeowners and business owners need the best insurance coverage possible. That is why it can be a nightmare if your insurance company decides to deny or devalue your homeowner’s insurance claim for damages to your home.

ProFloridian Public Adjusters specializes in assisting commercial and residential property owners with their insurance claims in Sunrise. Insurance companies are notorious for mistreating their policyholders because they don’t want to lose money on paying their claims. But under Florida law, insurance companies are obligated to provide the necessary coverage outlined in their insurance policies. That is where we come in.

Our public adjusters can put extra pressure on your insurance company to settle your claim for a fair amount without delay. If they attempt to get out of their obligation to pay the claim, we will present a compelling case to get them to change their minds.

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Why Should You Hire a Public Adjuster?

It would be unwise to negotiate with your insurance company without professional representation. Insurance companies know how to trick their policyholders into settling for less than the value of their claims. But if you have an experienced public adjuster on your side, your insurance company won’t get away with lowball settlement amounts. Your public adjuster will present photos, documents, and other evidence to support the reasoning for paying you a higher settlement amount.

Here are the top 6 benefits of hiring ProFloridian Public Adjusters:

  1. Save time and energy from having to negotiate with the insurance company yourself.
  2. Learn more about your insurance policy, including how much compensation you’re entitled to receive.
  3. Get an insurance professional to watch over your interests and ensure your legal rights stay protected.
  4. Get a faster settlement resolution on your insurance claim without too much unnecessary waiting.
  5. Get the fullest value possible for your insurance claim.
  6. You pay nothing upfront.

As you can see, it is worth hiring a public adjuster to manage your homeowner’s insurance claim.

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ProFloridian Public Adjusters can handle any residential or commercial property damage claims case in Sunrise. We won’t rest until you get paid the full amount of compensation owed to you under your insurance policy. Our long track record for negotiating successful claims is unmatched by our competitors.

Cal (954) 588-7416 to make an appointment to speak with one of our public adjusters. All new potential clients are entitled to receive a free inspection of their insurance claim. We’ll estimate the value of your claim and explain the entire process of how we’d handle it. Then, if you like what you hear, you can hire us to represent you.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) How much do I have to pay for a public adjuster’s services?

You won’t have to pay any money out of your own pocket. Public adjusters work for between a 5% and 20% commission only. The commission percentage is calculated from the total settlement amount of your insurance claim. So, if your public adjuster cannot negotiate a settlement with your insurance company, you won’t have to pay them any money. You only pay for results. 

2) How long will it take for the public adjuster to negotiate a settlement with my insurance company?

ProFloridian Public Adjusters will investigate the insurance claim and negotiate with the insurance company immediately after getting hired. However, the length of time for a settlement is dependent on the insurance company. Florida gives insurance companies up to 90 days to decide on an insurance claim. If they choose to approve your claim, you can expect their payment to arrive within 20 days.

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