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Davie is a fast-paced city ready to welcome anyone going to vacation or retiring. The city is gorgeous, with many things you can do, and coincidentally, you can hire a professional public adjuster from  ProFloridian Public Adjusters if you ever need to file a property damage claim. Insurance companies have a habit of denying and undervaluing homeowners’ insurance claims to save money.

Fortunately, you don’t have to deal with your insurance company alone.  We have a proven track record of dealing with insurance companies successfully and maximizing the compensation amounts for our clients. Did your home suffer unforeseen damage that requires you to file a claim with your insurance company? Call our team at (954) 588-7416 or use our online form to schedule a free claim inspection.

Types of Property Damage

It’s not difficult to file a property damage claim, but you need an expert at your side. Without a public adjuster, most homeowners don’t know their insurance rights, and this leads to inequities. Our public adjuster in Davie will guide you to file a claim for all property damage types, including:

  • Hurricane Damage – Living in Davie means accepting the risk of a hurricane devastating your home. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t receive compensation for your losses. We can file a hurricane damage claim on your behalf and get you ne money you need!
  • Water Damage – The most common type of household damage is water damage. Fortunately, it’s also a covered peril by most Floridian insurance policies. We recommend filing a claim for it immediately and commencing the remediation procedures sooner
  • Fire Damage – Few things are as destructive as fire damage. We can help you get compensation for fire-related home damage. Contact us and we’ll file a claim on your behalf! We’ll also negotiate the maximum settlement for your losses

Why You Need a Local Davie Public Adjuster

Insurance companies expect policyholders to be clueless about the provisions and coverage limits stated in their homeowner’s insurance policies. They hope you won’t understand your rights to full coverage so they can attempt to deny or undervalue your claim.

When you hire ProFloridian Public Adjusters to represent you for the claim, your insurance company will be more hesitant to undervalue or deny it. If they know you have an insurance professional on your side, your insurance company will be more likely to negotiate and settle on a fair amount of compensation for the claim.

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ProFloridian Public Adjusters is a team of professional public adjusters in Davie, Florida. We have extensive experience representing homeowners and their insurance claims. If you hire us as your designated public adjuster, we will work tirelessly with your insurance company to ensure you get the amount of compensation you deserve.

Are you ready to schedule an appointment for your free claim inspection in Davie? Call us at (954) 588-7416 or use our online form to get started.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What’s the difference between a public adjuster and an insurance adjuster?

A public adjuster and insurance claims adjuster both work for different sources. For example, when an insurance company investigates a policyholder’s insurance claim, they will send their insurance claims adjuster to examine the damage to the home and the circumstantial evidence surrounding it.

The claims adjuster works for the insurance company, so their goal is to find evidence that gives them a reason to deny or undervalue the claim. The public adjuster does just the opposite. Rather than work for the insurance company, the public adjuster works for the policyholder. The policyholder hires the public adjuster to help them protect their rights and ensure they receive a fair value for their insurance claim.

  1. How long will it take for you to resolve my claim?

Your public adjuster will get to work right away after you hire them. However, the resolution time of the claim depends on your insurance company. Some insurance companies like to stall the claims so that they don’t have to pay them right away.

If you hire ProFloridian Public Adjusters, we promise to be done as soon as possible. We’ll send someone to assess your damage and build the necessary documentation shortly. We guarantee maximum compensation for any property damage claim, as well!

  1. Can you reopen a denied claim in Davie?

ProFloridian Public Adjusters specializes in reopening denied claims and obtaining compensation for troubled homeowners. We’ve cracked many hard cases before, even when the homeowner had deliberately misinformed the insurance company, a situation with few ways out.

But we managed to turn the situation in the homeowner’s advantage. Denied claims all have various reasons for being denied. Either you filed the incorrect claim or you provided wrong information. The insurance adjuster may also invoke bizarre regulations to deny your claim. It doesn’t matter as long as you hire us immediately. We can win the case for you!

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