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ProFloridian Public Adjusters in Pompano Beach
ProFloridian Public Adjusters in Pompano Beach

Filing a damage claim isn’t always quick or straightforward. It might take a long time before the settlement is decided, although restoration work is urgent. There are several documents to prepare and many things to consider, so the entire task becomes a stressful ordeal. ProFloridian Public Adjusters will help you find an experienced Public Adjuster in Pompano Beach to take care of the bureaucratic and legal intricacies for you. We know how to handle damage claims efficiently. We’ll help you cut time while receiving a maximal coverage of costs.

Residents of Pompano Beach, Florida, are affected by natural events every year. The area is known for its frequent storms and hurricanes, which lead to thousands of cases of water and roof damage each time they strike. Data on the 2017 Hurricane Irma shows that the private property damage registered in Pompano Beach reached approximately $3.5 million. Even in less severe instances, the damage can significantly impact private property owners. If you need help filing a damage claim, we are happy to help! For any inquiry about our services, call us at (954) 588-7416 or use our contact form.

We’ll help you file a successful hurricane damage claim in Pompano Beach

Hurricane damage is challenging to fix. Sometimes, entire buildings can get demolished, which means a total reconstruction will be needed. Even with partial damage to the property, repair costs can still be too high for many people’s budgets. Furthermore, these repair costs are never easy to calculate. An unknowing client can easily get tricked by their insurance company adjuster, receiving a lower than necessary settlement. Hiring a Pompano Beach Public Adjuster is a good idea. With the help of independent specialists, you will receive realistic compensation to cover your repair costs.

We’ll earn you a fair settlement for mold damage claims in Pompano Beach

Mold damage is often overlooked. On a surface level, it seems innocent enough. You can repaint your walls, and it’s gone. Well, not so fast! Mold usually spreads further beyond the surface. If your house is made from organic materials, this is especially relevant. Mold attacks organic materials similar to how rust ruins metallic surfaces. If left unchecked for too long, it can cause serious problems. Insurance companies often try to downplay its severity because mold doesn’t cause immediate observable effects.  A Public Adjuster in Pompano Beach will ensure your problem isn’t overlooked because you deserve a realistic settlement for damage repairs.

We can deal with other types of water damage claims as well

Water damage doesn’t stop at mold or hurricanes, so property owners should be prepared for other potential problems. Whether it’s other forms of violent storms or the floods that come after that, water damage can have various causes and forms. Water damage can destroy roofs, walls, windows, framing structures, and much more. Furthermore, water damage can worsen over time, leading to mold and rust. There are many hidden costs that insurance company adjusters usually don’t consider when filing your claim. If you want a thorough investigation and a correct evaluation of costs, a Pompano Beach Public Adjuster is your best option.

Fire damage claims made easy in Pompano Beach

Costs to fix fire damage are among the highest. Not only does fire spread quickly, but it can also cause extensive indirect damage. After a fire is put out, there will be additional water damage, which may sometimes not be accounted for. Also, during a fire, smoke damage can affect other areas and destroy walls, tapestry, and different kinds of textiles used to furnish and decorate a space. A public adjuster can analyze the fire damage in its entirety, accounting for all additional factors. After such a traumatic event, you shouldn’t have to also fight your insurance company for a fair settlement. We’ll take care of all the documentation, calculations, and legal proceedings.

Excellent roof damage public adjuster in Pompano Beach

A damaged roof requires immediate attention for multiple reasons. Not only are leaks and temperature fluctuations more likely, but the building also becomes more vulnerable to water and mold damage in the long run. As buildings get older, the roof becomes less resistant to damaging events. In some instances, even though the damage sustained might seem minor, a complete roof restoration might be needed. The costs for minor repairs can easily reach the thousand-dollar mark. Major restorations can be as expensive as $30,000. Not everyone can afford the aftermath of an unfair settlement. If you want a reasonable reimbursement, call us at (954) 588-7416 or use our contact form.

Frequently asked questions

  1. What makes a public adjuster better than an insurance company adjuster?

Many people think it would be easier to work with their insurance company adjuster instead of contacting a third-party. The problem is that insurance company adjusters are hired directly by your insurance company. Insurance companies’ main interest is gaining profit, and handing out hundreds of thousands of dollars for their clients is detrimental to that goal. While an insurance company adjuster works to protect the company’s financial interest, a public adjuster works independently, with no hidden ties or interests.

  1. Are public adjusters in Pompano Beach expensive?

The work of a public adjuster is highly valuable. They’re experienced professionals qualified to work on legal documents, damage assessment, and price evaluations. They work thoroughly to provide the highest settlement possible for their clients. However, anyone can afford their services. Public adjusters are paid a fee of the client’s final sum after the compensation has been decided. Furthermore, Florida law forbids public adjusters from charging more than 20% of the final fee in any circumstances.

  1. Can I still hire a public adjuster after receiving my settlement?

Of course! It is entirely legal to hire a public adjuster, especially if you consider that your settlement isn’t fair. A public adjuster can help you reevaluate the damage and the sum needed to fix your property. Your insurance company cannot terminate your contract without justifiable reason for filing a claim in ill faith. Any attempt to do so can be considered discrimination against their customer.


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