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ProFloridian Public Adjusters in Pompano Beach


Residents of Pompano Beach are used to the beautiful scenery of the city, but sadly, they’re affected by natural events every year. The area is known for its frequent storms and hurricanes, which lead to thousands of cases of water and roof damage each time they strike. Filing a damage claim isn’t always quick or straightforward but ProFloridian Public adjusters is here to help, fighting at your side against all odds.

Data on the 2017 Hurricane Irma shows that the private property damage registered in Pompano Beach reached approximately $3.5 million. Even in less severe instances, the damage can significantly impact private property owners. If you need help filing a damage claim, we are happy to help! For any inquiry about our services, call us at (954) 588-7416 or use our contact form.

Types of Property Damage

If you’re thinking that it’s easy to file a property damage claim, think again. There are several claims you can file, and each one has specific requirements. ProFloridian Public Adjusters can build the documentation for you and help you file claims for:

  • Wind Damage – To people living in Pompano Beach, the harsh nature of windstorms is no surprise. Every year, countless people file wind damage claims to their insurance companies, but not all receive maximum compensation
  • Air Conditioner Leak Damage – Anything will break at some point, and the same goes for ACs. If your AC has recently started leaking, repairs are in order, and thankfully, your insurance company offers coverage for that
  • Roof Damage – Many things can damage your roof, including fire, a hurricane, hail, and more. Check your insurance policy and see your roof coverage, and then you can file a claim with our help!

Why You Need a Local Pompano Beach Public Adjuster

If you hire a public adjuster to file your property damage claim, you’ll get more money out of the settlement. The process will be faster and less complex with a public adjuster to clarify your confusion. ProFloridian Public Adjusters will guide you every step of the way and explain everything.

The reason why many homeowners receive insufficient money on their settlements is because they work alone. Their lack of insurance knowledge leads to the insurance company tricking them to accept an underpayment. Sometimes, claims are even denied because the documentation is insufficient. That wouldn’t happen with a public adjuster!

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Not everyone can afford the aftermath of an unfair settlement. If you want a reasonable reimbursement, call ProFloridian Public Adjusters at (954) 588-7416 or use our contact form to instantly improve your chances at filing a successful claim!

Frequently asked questions

  1. What makes a public adjuster better than an insurance company adjuster?

Many people think it would be easier to work with their insurance company adjuster instead of contacting a third-party. The problem is that insurance company adjusters are hired directly by your insurance company. They’re not working for the client so they won’t try to give you more money.

Insurance companies’ main interest is gaining profit, and handing out hundreds of thousands of dollars for their clients is detrimental to that goal. While an insurance company adjuster works to protect the company’s financial interest, a public adjuster works independently, with no hidden ties or interests.

  1. Are your services expensive in Pompano Beach?

The work of a public adjuster is highly valuable. They’re experienced professionals qualified to work on legal documents, damage assessment, and price evaluations. They work thoroughly to provide the highest settlement possible for their clients. However, anyone can afford their services.

Public adjusters are paid a fee of the client’s final sum after the compensation has been decided. Furthermore, Florida law forbids public adjusters from charging more than 20% of the final fee in any circumstances. Most public adjusting companies charge 10% on most cases, in fact. So, with no out-of-pocket expenses and a small fee on your settlement, you’ll have enough to repair your home completely!

  1. Can I still hire a public adjuster after receiving my settlement?

Of course! It is entirely legal to hire a public adjuster, especially if you consider that your settlement isn’t fair. A public adjuster can help you reevaluate the damage and the sum needed to fix your property. Your insurance company cannot terminate your contract without justifiable reason.

Any attempt to do so can be considered discrimination against their customer. This means ProFloridian Public Adjusters has free reign on reopening your claim and renegotiating the deal. We can reassess your damage and estimate the repair expenses again. In the end, we’ll be able to obtain more money than you were previously offered!

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