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ProFloridian Public Adjusters in Fort Myers
ProFloridian Public Adjusters in Fort Myers

If you face significant damage to your house, you should contact a public adjuster. Public adjusters work solely for your case, whilst insurance companies protect their own profits. By opting for a public adjuster, you will take full advantage of the insurance budget. Insurance companies usually lower this budget to their advantage. We’re here to make the searching process easier, matching you with the perfect Public Adjuster in Fort Myers.

The premiums paid by people in Florida are quite high considering the frequent natural disasters. In 2017, Hurricane Irma caused no less than $17 billion in claims. The numbers keep increasing, and so does the cost of insurance coverage. We saw a 15% cost increase in 2019 and a 26% increase in 2020. Spending so much money on insurance means people have high expectations for claim payments. To maximize the settlement, it’s the safest to work with a public adjuster. And we’re the best in Fort Myers! 

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Can a public adjuster in Fort Myers help with hurricane damage?

Hurricane damage is very common throughout Florida. Having your home suffer hurricane damage is a sudden and tragic event. People tend to get emotional, stressed and very worried. Because of how pressuring the situation is, you may tend to settle for low claim payments. Hiring a damage public adjuster keeps emotions out of the way. Thus, filing the claim won’t be governed by feelings. Your public adjuster will make the most rational choice, ensuring the best payout. A Fort Meyers Public Adjuster will also know how to handle it rapidly and efficiently because such events are common in this location.

Mold damage is no longer a problem with a public adjuster in Fort Myers

Mold typically forms in areas where storms surges, flooding and extreme humidity are present. This is also the situation for Florida, Fort Meyers included. This makes mold a common problem for the area’s inhabitants. The more exposed a person is to mold, the most likely they are to develop health issues. Mold is the cause of many medical affections such as allergic illnesses, lung infections and toxic poisoning. Getting rid of mold can be a difficult task, so it’s best to turn your attention to insurance. We can help you pick the best Public Adjuster in Fort Myers.

Good roof damage public adjuster in Fort Myers

Windstorms can cause serious damage to your house’s roof. From gusty winds to hurricanes, they are all dangerous. It’s best to have insurance in place to cover it if unpleasant events happen. Most insurance policies promise a huge coverage in the eventuality of a weather disaster. However, insurance companies minimize the settlements, especially in areas where disasters are common. Repairing or replacing a rooftop is a huge expense that not all can cover without a good claim pay. At ProFloridian Public Adjusters, we make sure you get the best out of your claim.

The best public adjuster in Fort Myers to deal with fire damage

Most reports show that a big percent of house fires start from simple cooking accidents. Other times, wildfires are the main cause of thousands of acres of land destroyed. Florida shows a tremendous predisposition towards fires given the weather conditions. In 2020 alone, hundreds of thousands of acres burned in wildfires. Houses are almost impossible to save from fire damage. This is why getting the appropriate insurance claim payment is necessary. Tracking your insurance company for a huge expense like this can lead to unsatisfactory results. ProFloridian Public Adjusters ready to tackle fire claims without any obstacles.

Great public adjuster in Fort Myers for water damage

House water damage is very common for both high and low risk areas. Most homeowners opt for water damage insurance. When sudden or accidental damage happens, the repairs can take a long while. Water damage often comes together with other types of disasters. According to the Insurance Information Institute, water damage is the fourth cause of homeowner losses by claim severity. A constant increase in water damage and freezing cases can be noticed from 2014 to present. In this period, more than five percent of insured homes filed a claim. Since it’s such a common type of damage, insurance companies visibly lower the amounts paid to clients. To avoid that, you can hire a public adjuster and they will get the best pay out of the claim.

You can call us at (954) 588-7416 or use this contact form for more information about public adjusters.

Frequently asked questions

  1. Can I hire a public adjuster after my claim was closed?

Yes, you can hire a public adjuster even if your claim was closed. This highly depends on the regulation in your state. In Florida, the law allows filing supplemental claims long after the initial one was closed. The timeframe can go up to a few years. We can analyze your claim and see what’s the best method to approach the situation. If you consider that the amount you received is unfair, a supplemental claim can bring you a corrective pay. Beforehand, closely check the conditions in your state and see what’s the exact period in which you can file a supplemental claim.  

  1. Can I reopen a claim after it was denied?

Some claims get denied, but all individuals have the right to a second opinion. The administrative work is quite daunting if you tackle this yourself. A public adjuster can reopen the claim quicker and more effectively. You won’t have to invest any resources in the negotiation process. Your public adjuster and the insurance company will liaise in this sense until viable damages are paid.

  1. How can I find a public adjuster in Fort Myers?

Hiring a Fort Myers Public Adjuster is very easy with us. You can simply contact us, we’ll analyze your case and start working on it. We have experience with any type of home damage you might encounter. We guarantee greater benefits and maximized settlements, with zero effort from your side.

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