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Pembroke Pines is one of the most impressive locations in Florida, a haven for people who want to relax in a sunny place. But even such a great place is plagued by disaster from time to time. When your home goes through a flood or strong winds rip the roof apart, you need a public adjuster to file an insurance claim for you. ProFloridian Public Adjusters can help you out today if you get in touch with us. Why not receive financial compensation for your losses when you already pay home insurance?

It’s only reasonable that the insurance company covers the repairs for your property losses. Yet, that’s not always the case. Insurance companies often underpay their clients by using complex regulations and insurance regulations. That shouldn’t be the case, don’t you think so? We do, too!

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Types of Property Damage

When disaster strikes, you need to be ready to respond quickly. First, try to mitigate the damage as much as possible, and then call your insurance company. Let them know what happened and file a property damage claim! We can help you file any damage claim, including:

  • Broken Pipe Damage – It’s not every day that a pipe bursts but when it does, the water damage leaves your home in chaos. Heightened moisture is dangerous, so we recommend filing a claim soon
  • Vandalism Damage – When someone breaks into your home, they’ll damage parts of your home. If you couldn’t protect your property, then you need to file a theft damage claim to recoup your losses
  • Roof Leak Damage – If your roof is leaking, then you need to react accordingly and patch it up. The repairs will be expensive, but your insurance company should cover for them

Why You Need a Local Pembroke Public Adjuster

 If it comes down to it, only a public adjuster can help you file a property damage claim faster and more efficiently. The public adjuster can finish much faster and with a greater sense of success. Many people think that public adjusters are, in fact, working for the insurance company but that’s simply not true.

A public adjuster works for whoever hires them. If you hire a PA to obtain maximum compensation for your losses, then that’s what they’ll do. Indeed, there are good public adjusters and then there are bad public adjusters. To prevent any surprises, contact ProFloridian Public Adjusters and we’ll help you with everything!

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Filing a property damage claim isn’t easy, especially if you want the maximum settlement. Our public adjusting firm is at your disposal, ready to assist with the claim procedures and get you the money you need. Call us at (954) 588-7416 or use our online form for more information!

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why do I need a public adjuster?

A public adjuster is similar to a lawyer in terms of the degree of assistance offered. If you need a lawyer to defend you in court, you most certainly need a public adjuster to file a property damage claim for you. Without sufficient knowledge, you won’t know how to traverse the complex claim procedures.

You may also fall prey to the tricks of your insurance adjuster. They’re actively trying to underpay you to save money for the insurance company. They use complex regulations and exceptions to justify underpayments. But if you hire ProFloridian Public Adjusters, you won’t have to worry about these things. We’ll make sure you receive enough money to pay for the necessary repairs.

  1. Are your services legal?

Our public adjusting firm operates within the legal bounds and our public adjusters are licensed with the state of Florida to provide these services. We’ve helped Pembroke Pines residents for many years, and sometimes, we even got to court with some cases. Throughout this time, we’ve maintained full fairness and professionalism!

Our clients can hire our services at any time during the claim procedures, even after their claim has been settled. We’ve reopened denied and settled claims with great success before. Through our methodology, we manage to maximize the client’s compensation in 9/10 cases!

  1. How much time do I have to file a property damage claim?

Florida law states that you have to file a property damage claim within four years of the date when your home was damaged. If you do it later, the insurance company isn’t obliged to accept it. But if you do it within that period, then you’ll receive a settlement for your losses, depending on the severity of the damage.

The insurance company will then contact you in 14 days to tell you what documentation they need from you. At this point, you can either do the documentation yourself or hire a public adjuster to do it for you. A public adjusting firm like ProFloridian Public Adjusters guarantees maximum compensation for your losses!

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