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Whether you are a residential or commercial property owner, fixing property damage as soon as possible is a top priority. But it’s easier said than done, especially considering how complex and time-consuming it is to file a damage claim. ProFloridian Public Adjusters aims to help property owners looking for a Public Adjuster in Aventura. With the services of a public adjuster, you’ll file your claim faster, and you’re guaranteed that our adjusters do everything in their power to help you obtain a fair settlement.

Our public adjusters offer excellent legal assistance, and they have vast experience with documenting and assessing property damage. Their main interest lies in providing rightful compensation for property owners, so you’re guaranteed to be working with upfront and unbiased professionals. For any additional information on our services, call us at (954) 588-7416 or use our contact form!

Hire a public adjuster for your hurricane damage claim in Aventura

Just in 2017 alone, according to the National Hurricane Center, Hurricane Irma caused an estimated $50 billion in damage costs. Hurricanes cause extensive and costly damage, which many property owners can’t just pay out of pocket. If you want to ensure a fair assessment and a reasonable settlement, a Public Adjuster in Aventura will help you file a claim guaranteed to be accepted by your insurance provider.

Professional services for water damage claims in Aventura

Water damage might seem less severe than other property damage types, but it can lead to more significant issues like mold or a weakened foundation. If you want to collaborate with an independent professional who will give you a thorough, unbiased water damage assessment, hiring a public adjuster is your best bet. An Aventura Public Adjuster has an excellent grasp of insurance law and is incentivized by their client’s success. They will do their best to analyze and document your water damage properly so that your settlement covers your repair expenses.

Quick and trouble-free mold damage claims in Aventura

Mold spreads quickly, and it isn’t always easy to see the full extent of the damage. Because mold weakens organic materials and comes with possible health hazards, it’s a problem that you can’t ignore. If you don’t want to risk your insurance adjuster treating your property damage superficially, the good news is that you’re always free to seek a second opinion. Because your settlement success incentivizes public adjusters, they’re more likely to treat your claim seriously.

Excellent legal assistance for filing fire damage claims in Aventura

Fire damage claims are notoriously difficult to work on, especially in the case of extensive damage. If your property sustained fire and smoke damage, and if you want to include other expensive personal belongings in your claim, hiring a West Palm Beach Public Adjuster will help you with all the legal papers and documentation you need to support your claim.

Suitable settlements for roof damage claims in Aventura

Our public adjusters offer assistance throughout the entire process of filing a claim so that you will receive the most reasonable compensation. They’ll help you with the legal documents, the damage assessment, and they can advise you on the best ways to avoid insurance policy loopholes. Feel free to call us at (954) 588-7416 or use our contact form for additional information!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How are public adjusters superior?

Public adjusters work independently from insurance companies, and they are hired and paid directly by their clients.

  1. Can I hire a public adjuster to re-file a claim?

Yes, you can always hire a public adjuster, even after a claim has already been settled.

  1. Can my insurance provider refuse my claim if I hire a public adjuster?

No, your insurance provider can’t deny your claim without justifiable reasons for a claim to be turned down, such as falsehood or lacking information.

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