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Aventura citizens are used to a comfortable lifestyle but nature has a way of ruining things. ProFloridian Public Adjusters aims to help property owners looking for a public adjuster in Aventura. Whether you are a residential or commercial property owner, fixing property damage as soon as possible is a top priority. With our experts helping you, you’ll file your claim faster, and our adjusters will obtain a fair settlement for you!

Our public adjusters offer excellent legal assistance, and they have vast experience with documenting and assessing property damage. Their main interest lies in providing rightful compensation for property owners, so you’re guaranteed to be working with upfront and unbiased professionals. For any additional information on our services, call us at (954) 588-7416 or use our contact form!

Types of Property Damage

There are various types of property damage that you can contest to your insurance company. If your insurance policy covers a specific peril, then you can hire ProFloridian Public Adjusters to file a claim for you. You have a legal right to obtain compensation for the following perils:

  • Fire Damage – Aventura is a prime place for wild fires, sometimes. If it’s not a wild fire, then an electrical malfunction may light up your home, with the aftermath being devastating
  • Mold Damage – After a torrential rain that seeped through your roof tiles, mold may form in your attic. Where there’s a lot of humidity, there’s a chance for mold to form. You can receive compensation for mold remediation services from your insurance company!
  • Theft Damage – When there’s a break-in, the thieves may damage your furniture and personal thing while looking for something to steal. This type of damage is covered by your insurance policy, so let us file a claim for it!

Why You Need a Local Aventura Public Adjuster

A public adjuster can file a property damage claim faster and with a more success rate than you can. In 9/10 cases, property owners obtain more money through public adjusting services than they would if they filed the claims themselves. Moreover, if you file a claim yourself, the insurance company may deny it. It’s considerably harder to reverse a denied claim.

With ProFloridian Public Adjusters at your side, it’s much easier to get the compensation you need. We take care of the entire claim procedure, from start to finish. Most insurance companies try to trick homeowners into accepting an underpayment. They do that by invoking confusing regulations and exceptions that you don’t know about. Our public adjusters won’t let that happen!

Contact Us Today

ProFloridian Public Adjusters offers assistance throughout the entire process of filing a claim so that you will receive the most reasonable compensation. We’ll complete the legal documents, the damage assessment, and advise you on the best ways to avoid insurance policy loopholes. Feel free to call us at (954) 588-7416 or use our contact form for additional information!

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How are public adjusters better than insurance adjusters?

A ProFloridian Public Adjuster expert works for you, not the insurance company. We want to obtain maximum compensation for your losses, while the insurance adjuster wants the opposite. When the insurance adjuster analyzes your property damage, they will often overlook important things, ending up in an underpayment.

A public adjuster is honest, reasonable, and objective. We have all the reasons to report things as they are, so you can receive a fair settlement for the incurred losses. We’ll assess the damage, complete the documentation, bring evidence, and negotiate with your insurance company on your behalf.

  1. Can I reopen a settled property claim in Aventura?

Yes, you can always hire a public adjuster, even after a claim has already been settled. The state gives a set period of time to contest a settled insurance claim if you think the compensation is too low. Moreover, you can hire a public adjuster for additional help with the procedures.

Once a claim is settled and you receive the compensation, you can contact ProFloridian Public Adjusters. We’ll contact your insurance company and let them know we’re reopening the claim. As your representatives, we have full authority to reassess the damage, gather documentation, and renegotiate the claim on more reasonable grounds.

  1. Can my insurance provider refuse to pay my claim in Aventura?

No, your insurance provider can’t deny your claim without justifiable reasons for a claim to be turned down, such as falsehood or lacking information. But, if there’s one thing insurance companies are known for, is being deceitful. They will invoke confusing regulations and misanalyse your incurred damage to underpay you.

Sometimes, they may even refuse to pay your claim if you make a mistake when filing the claim. That’s why hiring a public adjuster is the better option. We don’t make mistakes and we will ensure you get maximum compensation for your losses!

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