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Roof Leak Damage Public Adjuster
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Insurance companies are not easy to get along with for a homeowner. Especially when filing for property damage, insurance companies become greedy and biased. Roof leak damage is, understandably, one of the most widespread problems homeowners deal with in Florida. With a hurricane season at the prowl and substantial rains and hailstorms assaulting homes, it’s only natural that roofs will start leaking. This leads to water damage which, if left unmitigated, leads to mold damage. Only a Roof Leak Damage Public Adjuster from ProFloridian Public Adjusters can help you file a successful claim.

When you need to file a property damage claim, we recommend hiring an independent public adjuster. That way, you get fair and equitable treatment during the claim procedures, something you can’t expect from an insurance adjuster. Your insurance company doesn’t care about reimbursing your losses. If they manage to trick you into accepting an underpayment, they’ll do it. So, call us at (954) 365-7321 or use our contact form to get help now!

Why is it difficult to file a roof leak damage claim?

At first glance, filing an insurance claim should be simple. You contact the insurance company, they send an adjuster to assess your damage and estimate the losses, and you get the required money for repairs. But is it really that simple? No, it’s not, because insurance companies often pay you less than the repairs are actually worth. The insurance adjuster intentionally underestimates your incurred losses to justify an underpayment. So, you have to take money out of pocket to cover some of the repair costs.

This happens with roof leak damage just as it happens with fire damage, hurricane damage, mold damage, and water damage. As long as the insurance adjuster can trick you, they’ll do it. Roof leaks occur either due to natural causes such as heavy rainstorms, hailstorms, hurricanes, or artificial causes like toilet and sink leaks, AC leaks, etc. Determining the exact cause is paramount to obtaining maximum compensation for incurred losses. Our roof leak damage public adjuster is an expert claim adjuster who can file your claim for you!

How much are roof leak repairs worth?

When filing an insurance claim, you need an expert to assess your losses and estimate your repair costs. If you don’t bring one, the insurance company will. The difference between an independent contractor hired by you, and the insurance adjuster, is that the former is fair and impartial, while the latter is biased against you. By bringing a ProFloridian Public Adjusters expert to represent your best interest, you’ll obtain a much more substantial settlement.

Roof leaks can cause thousands of dollars’ worth of losses in material damage. Water restoration companies may charge upwards of one thousand five hundred dollars or even more, depending on the severity of the damage. In 2019, the average repair cost paid for water damage was around $2,582, and a portion of that is an out-of-pocket expense that falls on the homeowner’s shoulders. If insurance companies covered the entire repair costs, you wouldn’t have to worry. But they don’t do that, not without the right incentive!

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Whenever you have to file an insurance claim, contact ProFloridian Public Adjusters, and we’ll send someone to help you out. Our team takes all the weights off your shoulders. We assess the damage, build the documentation, narrow down the cause, and estimate your repair costs proficiently. Your insurance company won’t be able to pull away from their responsibility. We guarantee maximum compensation for your losses, so call us at (954) 365-7321 or use our contact form to get help now!

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