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ProFloridian Public Adjusters in Plantation
ProFloridian Public Adjusters in Plantation

Plantation, Florida, is known for its warm, sunny weather. However, the grass isn’t always greener in this city. Like any coastal location, Plantation experiences many floods, with approximately 173 recorded events in the surrounding area over 60 years. With thousands of properties damaged due to natural events each year, insurance companies in Florida are looking for ways to cut costs on settlements. ProFloridian Public Adjusters is here to help you find a Public Adjuster in Plantation to ensure your repair costs are covered.

Because Florida is the second most affected state in the US regarding natural disasters, property owners need to know they don’t risk losing their homes and savings because of unfair claim settlements. As is often the case, insurance companies are mainly interested in protecting their revenue and profits. Because many people in Plantation have to issue damage claims each ear, insurance adjusters will try to find any leeway possible to come up with a lower figure for your settlement to protect the company’s interest over your own.

If you or somebody you know received an unfair settlement as is struggling to restore their property, a Plantation Public Adjuster can help. We are independent workers, and thus our primary interest is customer satisfaction. While the adjusters hired by your insurance company are paid to cut costs, we are hired to help you succeed. You deserve to be well-informed and fairly treated. Our public adjusters are open and transparent about each step of the process. We can work on the documentation and damage assessment so that you’ll have all your restoration costs covered. For further inquiry, call us at (954) 588-7416 or use our contact form.

We’ll help you get full coverage of your water damage repairs in Plantation

Water damage is the most common problem of property owners in coastal areas. Frequent storms and flooding take their toll on buildings over time. Water can easily corrode building materials and render your property weaker against future natural events. It’s best to fix problems before they get worse, but it seems that water damage is complicated to assess. If you want an honest and correct evaluation of your property’s condition, a Plantation Public Adjuster can help you with that. If you choose us, you’ll receive the professional guidance and advice you need when filing a damage claim.

Fair settlements for fire damage claims in Plantation

A fire can happen to any property owner at any time. For example, just in 2014, the nationwide cost of property losses due to fire reached a staggering 13 billion dollars. The damage caused by a fire is extensive and requires a long time to repair. Hiring a Public Adjuster in Plantation is an excellent way to tackle the convoluted process of filing damage claims. Our public adjusters will take care of all the legal procedures and documentation while listening to your concerns throughout the process. We’ll evaluate the damage, and we’ll make sure that your settlement is reasonable for your needs.

Professional help for hurricane damage claims in Plantation

Hurricanes can cause thousands of dollars’ worth of damage to a property. According to the CBO, the average nationwide figure for yearly hurricane damage repairs is $28 billion, and it is expected to grow by almost 50% until 2075. The numbers are frightening, especially when considering the average property value in Plantation, which is $350,000. Customers of insurance companies should receive the full benefit of their insurance plan. An independent specialist can help you make sure that all your repair costs are covered in the case of a natural catastrophe.

We’ll help you obtain reasonable settlements for roof damage claims

Roof damage is a commonly cited issue. While the problems can range from minor to extreme, it’s always important to take action as soon as possible. Once your roof sustains minor damage, your house is exposed to various weather factors, leading to further complications. Whether it’s poor temperature regulation leading to mold, leaks during rainfall, which can ruin your walls, and other similar issues, a damaged roof requires immediate renovation. Prices can run high even for the simplest of repairs, so property owners should consult a specialist who can guarantee them a reasonable settlement. ProFloridian Public Adjusters is here to provide exactly that!

Tackle mold damage claims in Plantation with our help

Mold damage is the most difficult to estimate because its effects take longer to appear. Mold can spread deep within the walls and is especially dangerous if the property is built on a wooden structure. Sometimes, when mold has enough time to spread and decay surfaces, it is no longer enough to use a fungicide. It’s an often-overlooked problem. Insurance companies treat it as less dangerous than other kinds of damage. If you want to protect your property against the effect of mold damage, call us at (954) 588-7416 or use our contact form. We’ll make sure that you receive the necessary compensation for your repair costs.

Frequently asked questions

  1. Are public adjusters in Plantation expensive?

There isn’t a straightforward answer. The cost can vary depending on the settlement. Public adjusters work on a fee basis, though. They receive the fee after the payment reaches the homeowner, and it consists of a small percentage of the total sum received by the client. In this sense, everyone can afford to hire a public adjuster!

  1. I received an unsatisfactory settlement. Can I still hire a public adjuster?

Definitely! It’s completely legal to hire a public adjuster to help you reevaluate a settlement you find unsatisfactory. Your insurance company should have no reason to terminate your contract for seeking the help of a third party. Any unjustifiable reason to do so will make the company liable to charges for discrimination.

  1. How can public adjusters help me with my claim?

A disadvantage that a policyholder has is that they are not familiar with all the legal aspects of filing a claim. A public adjuster has all the knowledge and expertise you need. Also, compared to insurance company adjusters, they are more thorough in their investigations and evaluations.

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