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ProFloridian Public Adjusters in Palm Bay
ProFloridian Public Adjusters in Palm Bay

Handling claims is not straightforward. You need to know the language, the intricacies, and the administrative requirements of this process. Often, people don’t get the highest settlements on their claims. This happens because they hire insurance company adjusters. These adjusters often work for their company’s interests only. Conversely, a Public Adjuster in Palm Bay is independent. This means that they won’t protect the insurance company’s profits. Instead, they will focus on you getting the best reimbursement on the claim. ProFloridian Public Adjusters do exactly that!

In areas like Palm Bay, Florida, property damage happens every so often. Weather disasters are typical for this location and lead to home destruction. People struggle each year to get their properties repaired, some of them even losing their houses entirely. In the past ten years, the world faced ten brutal hurricanes that lead to substantial recovery costs.

Six of these hurricanes took place in Florida. This is why the insurance industry is always so fluctuant. We are here to emphasize the benefits a public adjuster can bring to the table. You can call us at (954) 588-7416 or use this contact form for more information about public adjusters.

The best hurricane property damage public adjuster in Palm Bay

Millions of households are at risk of hurricane damage in Florida. The area is prone to Category 5 storms. Insurance companies try to lower the settlements when claims are filed. This happens because of the large number of claims and the vast amount of money involved. If predicting the financial impact that a hurricane would have on the properties at risk right now, a whopping $500 billion would have to be invested. A Public Adjuster in Palm Bay will ensure that policyholders receive the fair amounts for their property repairs.

A public adjuster in Palm Bay can help you with mold damage as well

Not many people know that mold infestations can cause severe health issues. The more time a person spends around mold, the more likely they are to develop grave infections or allergies. Indoor mold can form after flooding or other types of previous water damage. Palm Bay has a humid environment, which often leads to mold forming as well. Removing the mold infestation as soon as possible is a must to keep your health intact. You can use your insurance to deduct costs for removal. At ProFloridian, we can help you find a public adjuster that will get the best out of your claim. 

Roof damage costs can be covered with the help of a public adjuster in Palm Bay

Roof damage is one of the most expensive types to fix. Repairing a roof is not only costly but also takes a long while to complete. People often receive low claim reimbursements for roof damage because of how high the repair costs are. Get a Palm Bay Public Adjuster to avoid that situation. The adjuster will push the insurance company to settle for a fair amount. Palm Bay often hosts strong winds, storms, and even hurricanes, so make sure that your insurance covers roof damage. 

Brilliant fire damage claim services from any public adjuster in Palm Bay

Fire leads to significant property damage. In many cases, the damage is not even restorable. The costs for such repairs are unimaginable. If you don’t negotiate your claim settlement properly, you might end up not being able to afford the price. Not only that you will face damage to your property, but all your belongings might get compromised during the disaster. This is why you should establish the value of the loss very carefully. A Palm Bay Public Adjuster will have the necessary knowledge to calculate the financial loss involved. Based on this, they will do the best to obtain a reasonable settlement on your behalf. 

A public adjuster in Palm Bay also resolves water damage claims 

Water damage is positively related to mold damage. One follows the other, and plenty of money goes directly to restoration. What’s even worse is that these types of damage take a long time to restore. Acting as rapidly as possible and asking for reimbursement from your insurance company is a must. Public adjusters can quickly go through all the paperwork and obtain the money fast enough to repair your property in an appropriate timeframe. Weather is merciless and such damage can happen at any given moment. This will cause thousands of people to file claims, so it’s best to accept help from a professional.

You can contact us at (954) 588-7416, or you can use this contact form to find the perfect public adjuster for your case. We’re always here to help!

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What services can a public adjuster provide?

Public adjusters will handle property damage claims from start to finish. First off, they will review your insurance policy. Based on that, they will put together the appropriate insurance claims and file them in. Your public adjuster also calculates the recovery costs. Determining the financial impact concerning your property’s value will lead to obtaining a better settlement from your insurance company. Public adjusters act as facilitators for the efficient and rapid completion of a property damage claim.

  1. Can’t the contractor handle my claim?

You can always opt for a contractor to handle your claim. Even though they are experienced and well-versed, insurance company adjusters will always look for their employer’s profit. In opposition, a public adjuster will work independently for you, following your best interest instead. Public adjusters have the same training and license as insurance company agents. There’s no difference in handling the case other than the outcome. 

  1. Is it worth it to hire a public adjuster in Palm Bay?

Palm Bay is recognized for its risk of being hit by weather disasters. Just like other cities in Central and Southern Florida, it is prone to property damage. Hiring a public adjuster is best for all policyholders, regardless of location. In locations like Palm Bay, it’s even wiser to opt for a public adjuster because the insurance companies will push for a low settlement. As the insurance industry faces harsh conditions in Florida, companies will always strive for minimal reimbursements. 

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