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North Miami Beach is a dream vacation location for many, and plenty of tourists come here every year. It’s sunny, peaceful, family-friendly, and has gorgeous locations like the nearby beach. But homeowners in North Miami Beach have to deal with other problems, like property damage claims. Filing a property damage claim is a stressful, time-consuming task. ProFloridian Public Adjusters can file the claim for you and clear away all your confusions!

Our public adjusters are knowledgeable and experienced in filing thorough, successful damage claims. They’ll help with all the paperwork, and they’ll talk you through all the stages of the process. Relying on your insurance company’s adjuster is a bad call. We can offer an equal chance to every property owner across Florida. For more information, call us at (954) 588-7416 or use our contact form!

Types of Property Damage

There are various types of property damage that insurance companies cover. Your insurance policy contains everything you need to know about covered perils. Our public adjusting firm can help you file all types of property damage, including:

  • Fire Damage – If you forget your stove on, it could result in a fire. Florida is home to so-called wildfire events, so fire damage is not uncommon here. Fortunately, ProFloridian Public Adjusters can help you file a fire damage claim immediately
  • Roof Damage – A hailstorm or a hurricane can topple your roof or damage it extensively. The resulting damage makes it impossible to live in the home, so you’ll need to repair it. File a roof damage claim so the insurance company compensates you for the losses!
  • Air Conditioner Leak Damage – Has your air conditioner started leaking recently? It may lead to water or mold damage, so you need to fix it quickly. Depending on the severity of the damage, you could file a claim to your insurance company, and we can help you with that

Why You Need a Local North Miami Beach Public Adjuster

It’s never too late to hire a North Miami Beach public adjuster. Even if your insurance company underpaid or denied the claim, we can still reopen it. The state permits you to hire a public adjuster at any time, even after the claim has been solved. ProFloridian Public Adjusters can maximize your compensation in any situation!

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you think you’ve been deceived. Most insurance companies underpay their clients on property damage claims. The insurance adjuster is unfair when assessing the damage and wrongly estimates the repair costs. That way, you’re not covered for the entirety of the repair expenses. We can change that!

Contact Us Today

Our public adjusters will file the claim on your behalf and take care of everything so you don’t have to. If you want to hire a professional who’s trained to handle legal paperwork and cost assessment quickly and efficiently, call us at (954) 588-7416 or use our contact form!

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do public adjusters work for insurance companies?

No. Public adjusters are independent professionals hired by clients on a contract-by-contract basis. If you hire us, then we work for you and will follow your best interest, which is to obtain full compensation for your losses. Contrary to popular belief, public adjusters don’t work for insurance companies.

Insurance adjusters, on the other hand, are company employers. They will come if you don’t hire a public adjuster. They are the ones who are unfair and will underpay or even deny your claim without clear justification. ProFloridian Public Adjusters is your best line of defense against this!

  1. How much does it cost to hire a public adjuster?

ProFloridian Public Adjusters has no upfront fees. We will be paid a small percentage fee of your final settlement and nothing more. There are no hidden fees either, so you’ll have no out-of-pocket expenses with us. If you don’t get any compensation, we don’t get paid either.

We’re a professional team of public adjusters who want to serve our community the best. So, we only charge a percentage fee from the final settlement when we obtain one.

  1. Can my insurance company sue me for hiring a public adjuster?

No. You have the legal right to hire a third party in the negotiation of any damage claim. This applies across all of Florida, including North Miami Beach. It’s your right to hire a public adjuster to represent you during the claim procedures. Moreover, ProFloridian Public Adjusters is fully licensed to assess and estimate your losses.

We’re also in a position to document your incurred damage and estimate the repair costs. After we build the documentation, we’ll negotiate with the insurance company for maximum coverage for your situation!

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