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With Cooper City being a diversified city with lots of things to do, it’s no surprise that you can hire a professional public adjuster like the ones at ProFloridian Public Adjusters. When a flood or a hurricane damages your home, what’s there to do? Repairs, that’s what, yet more often than not, the associated costs are too much to bear. However, your insurance company is bound by law to offer a settlement to cover your incurred losses and make up for all your repair costs.

Whether it’s a water damage claim or a mold damage claim, we know what to do and how to structure the claim. Our team is knowledgeable about claim procedures, and we have extensive experience negotiating with insurance companies. Call us at (954) 588-7416 or use our contact form for more information!

Types of Property Damage

Cooper City homeowners may want to file a property damage claim if their homes end up damaged. The Hurricane Season leaves many households devastated, but that’s not the only damage type covered by insurance companies. You can also file a claim for:

  • Hail Damage – Hurricanes often bring hailstorms, resulting in a complete disaster. But hailstorms can come by themselves, and the resulting damage to your home should be covered by your insurance policy. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information!
  • Wind Damage – Strong winds are nothing new to Cooper City, and neither is the resulting home damage. If your insurance covers wind damage, then file a claim for it! ProFloridian Public Adjusters can guide you throughout the claim procedures, from start to finish
  • Theft Damage – Burglars won’t only steal your things but damage your home, as well. If you’re in this situation and the repair expenses are high, then let us file a theft damage claim on your behalf! You’re liable to receive compensation for your losses

Why You Need a Local Cooper City Public Adjuster

Filing property damage claims is a nasty and confusing business. The administrative procedures will get the better of you, and you’ll end up making mistakes. Mistakenly filing a claim will result in an underpayment, at the very least. Worst case scenario is having your claim denied by the insurance company.

We can help you avoid that! Our public adjuster has mastered the claim procedures and can guide you safely. We’ll also assess your damage, analyze your incurred losses, and estimate your repair costs down to the last dollar. You need a fair assessment to receive maximum compensation for all your losses. That’s what we bring to the table, so don’t hesitate to contact our Cooper City public adjuster!

Contact Us Today

By now, you should have figured out that you need a public adjuster. Property damage claims are nothing to scoff at, and insurance companies will try to trick you. If you want to receive your due compensation, then call us at (954) 588-7416 or use our contact form for more information!

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How can you help me in Cooper City?

When you hire our public adjuster, we’ll care of everything for you. This includes investigating the property damage, documenting it, and negotiating the maximum settlement for your incurred losses. There are many steps involved in filing a property damage claim successfully. Everything must be done carefully so we don’t miss a single thing. After all, details are the most important in this domain.

The smallest scrap can mean a lot, even if it comes to identifying the damage cause. Our efforts as public adjusters can make the difference between a maximally-compensated claim and a denied one. An insurance adjuster may erroneously identify the damage cause and deny your claim due to a lack of coverage. But we could reopen the claim and correctly identify the damage cause!

  1. What if I can’t pay the public adjuster?

That’s not possible since we take a percentage-based fee from the insurance settlement when we obtain one. If we can’t obtain one, then our services are entirely free. We work to get paid, indeed, but this means you will also get paid at the same time. Once you obtain the settlement, we’ll subtract a 10% commission from it, and the rest is yours.

We have no upfront fees either. This means you’ll have no out-of-pocket expenses when hiring ProFloridian Public Adjusters. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need expert help with your claim!

  1. Will I receive more money if I hire your firm?

In 9/10 cases, homeowners who hire ProFloridian Public Adjusters get substantially more money than they’d initially bargained for. That’s because our work is detailed and professional, taking everything into account and letting no misstep slip away. While an insurance company may omit some things, we won’t.

That’s because the insurance adjuster’s interests doesn’t align with yours. They want to save money for the insurance company, and this means incorrectly assessing your losses to underpay you. Our public adjusters have the same interest as you – to obtain the maximum settlement for your losses.

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