Hurricane Ian Damage Denied and Underpaid Insurance Claims Public Adjusters

Hurricane Ian Damage Denied and Underpaid Insurance Claims Public Adjusters
Are you looking for a Hurricane Ian Damage Denied and Underpaid Insurance Claims Public Adjusters?

On September 22nd, 2022, Hurricane Ian hit the U.S. It was the second deadliest tropical storm in over a century, just behind Hurricane Katrina. Countless homes have been devastated by the aftermath of the hurricane, with many property owners seeking coverage from their insurance companies. However, many claims were either denied or underpaid, resulting in people being unable to repair their homes. ProFloridian Public Adjusters is with you during these trying moments.

Our public adjusters can reopen your insurance claim and obtain the compensation you deserve. We’ve successfully reopened and closed countless denied and underpaid claims over the years we’ve served South Florida. Our firm has full confidence in helping you obtain a satisfactory settlement, so don’t hesitate to call us at (954) 588-7416 or use our contact form!

ProFloridian Public Adjusters is here to help all affected areas:

Honesty and Professionalism

Our firm will help you obtain the necessary money to restore your home and bring your livelihood back. That’s the guarantee we’ve made to all our clients who’ve been hit hard by Hurricane Ian. Transparency and honesty are very important to us since we can understand your pain and wish to offer a helping hand. Our public adjusters are the best in the industry and will not stop until they get you sufficient compensation for your incurred damage.

Our team is made up of expert claim adjusters who have closed countless claim cases over the years. Insurance companies have tried to slow us down or throw obstacles in our way, but we’ve always prevailed. The complex language and complicated regulations that may put you in a tough spot are second-nature to us. No matter how expensive your repair costs, we’ll have your insurance company cover them all!

Your insurance company has either denied or underpaid your insurance claim because they’re not trying to help you. They want to help themselves, and paying you less, or nothing at all serves that purpose. Their claims adjusters will invoke confusing regulations and superficially assess your incurred damage to minimize the coverage. That’s not fair, and ProFloridian Public Adjusters will fix that.

No Recovery, No Fee!

Our firm genuinely wants to help you restore your livelihood and move on with as little discomfort as possible. This is why we will cancel our company fee if we don’t manage to recover any insurance money for you. If you don’t get paid, neither do we, so we have all the reasons to try to obtain maximum compensation for your incurred losses. Of course, our fee is minimal and will not impact your ability to repair your property.

We also offer free claim inspections, so you won’t need to pay us to assess your case. In fact, we have no hidden or initial fees, so you have nothing to lose. Come to us, explain your situation, and we’ll do everything possible to obtain the money you need to fix your property. If we manage to get you the money, we’ll subtract our fee from the total sum.

Hurricane damage is notoriously difficult to assess and file a claim for. Insurance companies will use every trick in the book to underpay or deny your claim. It’s not fair, and it shouldn’t happen, we agree. Our public adjusters can change the odds in your favor by building a solid case and presenting irrefutable damage to your incurred losses. They won’t have a choice but to cover your hurricane damage!

Maximum Compensation for Your Losses

ProFloridian Public Adjusters will obtain the maximum settlement for your insurance claim; we can guarantee that. Most homeowners are performing their obligations to the T and yet the insurance company underpays or denies their claims. We’ve come across very few cases where the policyholder did something that annulled part of the insurance claim.

Our firm prides itself on bringing the insurance company’s dirty tricks into the light and fighting for our clients! This happens because insurance companies are profit-based businesses. They want to pay you as little as possible so they can keep more of the money. Many claim adjusters operate in grey areas and engage in acts of deceit or confuse policyholders with complex terminology. This leads to many property owners not understanding their rights and accepting an underpaid claim.

ProFloridian Public Adjusters has all the reasons to obtain as much money as possible for your claim. It’s best to remember that we can’t obtain more money than you’re justified in receiving. Our team will get you compensation for your repair costs and nothing more.

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Hurricane Ian took a path of destruction through Florida, leaving many properties severely damaged and policyholders demanding their due compensation from insurance companies. This is a hard time for you; we understand that, so let us facilitate your insurance claim and obtain the money you need. Call us at (954) 588-7416 or use our contact form for more information about denied or underpaid claims!

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