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Bal Harbour is a gorgeous city with plenty of attractions like the Haulover Park and Bal Harbour Beach. Most of the residents here are on a continuous vacation with how beautiful the area is. But things joyful all the time, unfortunately. Property damage is something that many homeowners have to deal with. If you need expert assistance for filing a good damage claim in Bal Harbour, ProFloridian Public Adjusters is your best solution!

Property damage claims are regularly denied for various reasons. Your insurance company deny your claim because of insufficient documentation, missed deadlines, or various exclusion clauses. We help our clients file prompt, well-documented, and successful property damage claims. If you fear your insurance adjuster will treat your claim in bad faith, hiring a third party gives you a fair chance for your claim to be accepted and covered.

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Types of Property Damage

Bal Harbour homeowners may file several property damage claims depending on their situation. Whether a wild fire devastates your home or a burst pipe floods it, the insurance company needs to pay for your losses just the same. You can file a claim for the following property damage types:

  • Hurricane Damage – Florida is home to the Hurricane Season, a period as infamous as it is destructive. Countless homes get ruined because of the catastrophic hurricanes, and homeowners need compensation for their losses. That’s where our public adjusters step in!
  • Roof Damage – A powerful storm may damage your roof, rip off a few shingles or break some tiles. This destabilizes the integrity of the house’s structure and puts you at risk. File a roof damage claim to your insurance company immediately! ProFloridian Public Adjusters can help you do that.
  • Hail Damage – Hailstorms are very destructive, especially to your roof. But the occasional hail can shatter your windows, as well. If your insurance policy offers hail coverage, why not file a claim to receive compensation? Contact ProFloridian Public Adjusters and we’ll help you with that.

Why You Need a Local Bal Harbour Public Adjuster

When going through a formal procedure, it’s better to have a professional at your side, helping you out. Just like how you hire an attorney to represent you in the court of law, you should hire a public adjuster when filing a property damage claim. ProFloridian Public Adjusters offers professional consulting services during conflicts with insurance companies!

If you don’t have the time to file the claim, we can do it for you. Our public adjuster in Bal Harbour will assess your incurred losses, analyze the damage, estimate the repair costs, build the documentation, and negotiate your settlement. Most of the homeowners we helped ended up receiving maximum compensation for their claims.

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Whether your property has been marginally or gravely affected, our public adjusters are here to help with your property damage claim. We can take care of everything, from damage assessment, gathering documents, and calculating realistic repair expense figures. For more information, call us at (954) 588-7416 or use our contact form!

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can my insurer deny my claim if I hire you?

As per state law, policyholders have the right to hire a public adjuster if they so choose. Insurance companies can’t deny that right because it’s illegal. You can appoint somebody to represent you during the claim procedures, and that would be a public adjuster.

The public adjuster at ProFloridian Public Adjusters are licensed to operate with damage claims. We’re expert claim consultants with plenty of experience regarding insurance policies. Hire us for the best chances of receiving maximum compensation for your losses!

  1. Are your services legal in Bal Harbour?

Yes. Working as a public adjuster is legal, and this profession is regulated by state law in Bal Harbour. You don’t have to worry about doing anything illegal when hiring ProFloridian Public Adjusters. Insurance companies will agree to our intervention because we’re the best authorities in this domain.

We understand insurance policies best, which gives us a special position within the claims process. Don’t hesitate to hire our public adjusters if you need help filing a damage claim!

  1. How much do public adjusters charge?

Public adjusters in Florida are paid on a contingency basis and prohibited under the law from charging more than 20% for any claim. ProFloridian Public Adjusters charge no upfront fees, so you won’t have to pay anything when hiring us. No out-of-pocket expenses means you’re left with more money in the end.

Considering we will obtain maximum compensation for your incurred losses, even after we deduct our fee, you’ll have enough to repair your home. Everybody wins, except the insurance company!

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