Sinkholes Damage Public Adjuster

Sinkholes Damage Public Adjuster
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Sinkholes are unpredictable, and they can cause significant damage to infrastructure and commercial and residential property. Florida is a state well-known for frequent and large-scale natural sinkholes. If you live in Florida, you probably already know that local insurance companies are obliged to offer sinkhole coverage for their policyholders. However, several problems may stop homeowners from receiving full compensation for their losses.

The main issue is that usually, clients have to opt for this additional coverage, which is generally paid for as a premium. If you have sinkhole coverage, there’s the additional problem of estimated property cost, where the terrain is usually not factored in. If you need expert assistance for property damage caused by sinkholes, ProFloridian Public Adjusters lets you hire an experienced, professional Sinkholes Damage Public Adjuster that will make things much easier!

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Problems with sinkholes and insurance policy

Commonly, your insurance policy covers damage assessments. If you offer sufficient documentation and make believable claims about losses and repair costs, your insurer should cover your reparation costs. However, in the case of a sinkhole, it isn’t just the residential or commercial building itself being damaged, but mainly the terrain underneath. Before you file a damage claim, you need to ensure that your insurance policy covers terrain repairs. Otherwise, you might have to pay for damage assessments and repairs yourself. Hiring a landscaper and a structural engineer might even be required.

Another detail to remember is that insurance companies often cite exclusion clauses to deny a claim. If your policy covers sinkhole damage and terrain costs, you might still run into the following situation. Certain insurance companies have a collapse exclusion. Without clearly specified and documented causes of property loss, they don’t offer coverage for a building that loses its structural integrity or which caves in or collapses abruptly. Furthermore, insurance companies might not provide coverage for property damage or loss caused by a man-made sinkhole.

ProFloridian Public Adjusters helps policyholders file sinkhole damage claims

Suppose your property has sustained any form of sinkhole damage, such as cracks in the walls, the foundation, doorframes, or pavement, or water leakage during rainfall, and your insurer provides sinkhole damage coverage. In that case, it’s best to hire a public adjuster to help document and assess your claim. Policyholders are obliged under contractual exclusion clauses to file their claim as soon as the damage happens. If your insurance adjuster takes too long, your claim might be denied because of a missed deadline.

For a catastrophic ground cover collapse, which makes a property virtually uninhabitable, the damage and repairs are tough to assess. The depressed area might be just the tip of the iceberg, with surrounding areas being weakened and waiting to collapse as well. For this reason, you should rely on an expert who treats your claim with good faith and who analyzes the situation thoroughly. Our public adjusters will do their best to uncover and assess the full extent of the damage!

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We offer prompt, professional assistance for sinkhole damage claims throughout the state of Florida. Our public adjusters can take care of all your documentation, as well as damage and repair estimates. We fight fiercely for our clients to ensure fair treatment and compensation from their insurance companies. If you’re dealing with an issue as serious and dangerous as sinkhole damage, we’re here to make your filing process easy and accessible. If you’re interested in our services, call us at (954) 365-7321 or use our contact form.

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