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ProFloridian Public Adjusters in Broward
ProFloridian Public Adjusters in Broward

Natural disasters can occur at any time. Coastal areas are exposed to severe, unpreventable dangers such as tornadoes, hurricanes, and floods. These phenomena usually cause millions of dollars’ worth of damage. When Hurricane Irma hit in 2017, for example, 38,836 insurance claims were filed in Broward alone. To make things worse, statistics show that Broward, Florida, comes in third place for counties with most hurricanes, and it has the highest national index for hurricane risk. ProFloridian Public Adjusters can help you hire a professional, highly-qualified Public Adjuster in Broward. With our help, you will be able to file a successful damage claim for your property without worrying about unfair settlements.

Despite the obvious evidence of extensive property damage, many clients are faced with unfair settlements from their insurance companies. The money received is usually not enough to cover the losses, so many property owners have to take loans to fix the damage. This is because insurance company adjusters are hired to protect business interests, not fulfill clients’ needs. If you live in Broward, you don’t have to deal with this injustice on your own! Our public adjusters can help you receive rightful compensation to cover your property restoration costs. For more details, call us at (954) 588-7416 or use our contact form.

We’ll help you file a successful claim for hurricane damage in Broward

Because hurricane damage is usually extensive and costly to fix, and because hurricanes can destroy entire neighborhoods at a time, insurance companies will try to save profit by lowering settlement costs. But you don’t have to consult an insurance company adjuster if you want to file a claim. A Broward Public Adjuster can do a better job because public adjusters have no hidden ties or loyalties to your insurance company. Their primary interest is customer satisfaction, so you know they have every reason to take the job seriously. If you’re afraid that your settlement will not cover the costs for property restoration, ProFloridian Public Adjusters is here to help!

We can efficiently work on other water damage claims as well

Because water damage is widespread across Florida, damage claims are numerous as well. Besides widespread injustice in settlements for such claims, there’s also an additional factor to remember when choosing a public adjuster. Not only are water damage claims not treated seriously, but water damage is also difficult to appreciate. This makes it easier for the insurance company adjuster to deflate the real numbers. On the other hand, a Broward Public Adjuster will be thorough and transparent with clients, making sure to evaluate costs realistically. Our professionals have extensive experience in damage evaluation, and they pay great attention to detail.

Fire damage claims in Broward don’t have to be a gamble anymore

Many people lose their property to fires each year. Costs for restoring a property after extensive fire damage can run up to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Apart from the fire destroying parts of your property directly, there are also additional hidden costs that your insurance company might choose to ignore. Smoke damage, for example, can spread everywhere, affecting even areas not burned by fire. Putting out a fire can also mean additional water damage done to the property. It is best to consult a Public Adjuster in Broward to ensure that everything is taken into consideration.

We offer excellent legal assistance for mold damage claims in Broward

The climate in Broward county favors mold formation, due to its high temperatures year-round, and the almost double quantity of rainfall per year, compared to the national average. If you are dealing with mold damage, it’s essential to know that its effects are more than just aesthetic. Mold is a living organism that eats into the materials and surfaces it comes into contact with. This is the case with organic materials, which mold can degrade quickly if left untreated. Our public adjusters can help you manage this issue before it gets worse. We can deal with the cost evaluation, documentation, and legal assistance so that you can fix your property as soon as possible.

We’re ready to help if you need to file a roof damage claim in Broward

When your roof gets damaged, this makes your property more vulnerable to other forms of damage as well, particularly mold and water damage, in case of leaks and heavy rain. Also, the roof can get damaged very quickly because it is directly exposed to the elements. In some instances, the damage done requires a full-on roof replacement. The prices reach thousands of dollars, and a lousy roof should be fixed as soon as possible. Saving so much just for roof repairs isn’t an option for many people. If you want a fair settlement for roof repair costs, call us at (954) 588-7416 or use our contact form, and we’ll provide the quality services you need!

Frequently asked questions

  1. When should I hire a public adjuster?

There are many good reasons to hire one. It’s best to do so when your property sustained significant damage, and you want to make sure that all repair costs will be covered. If you want to receive rightful compensation and fair treatment, a public adjuster will be a saving grace. The process of filing a claim and dealing with legal matters can also be stressful, but a public adjuster can help you better navigate the problem.

  1. How much do public adjusters charge in Broward?

The good news is that clients don’t need to pay anything upfront. Public adjusters generally receive payments as a percentage fee of the final settlement. Thus, it’s in a public adjuster’s best interest to ensure that clients receive maximal compensation for their losses. Fees generally range from 5%-20%, and public adjusters in Florida are not allowed to charge more than 10% for a situation that counts as a disaster.

  1. Will a public adjuster help me receive my settlement faster?

Yes! Public adjusters work more efficiently than the insurance company adjusters. Because public adjusters are experienced with damage assessment, cost evaluation, and knowing what information to present to insurance companies, the entire process will take less overall time.

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