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ProFloridian Public Adjusters in West Palm Beach
ProFloridian Public Adjusters in West Palm Beach

According to CNBS, the yearly incidence of natural disasters in the US in recent years reached 15 cases, compared to 6.2 between 1980–2018. With such a sharp increase in under five decades, the trends aren’t optimistic. The state of Florida is especially vulnerable to hurricanes and floods. Florida has registered around $225 billion in cumulative damage, coming in second-highest nationwide since the ’80s. In case of property damage ProFloridian Public Adjusters is here to help you secure a fair settlement with an excellent Public Adjuster in West Palm Beach.

Natural disasters are hazardous since people can’t take any precautions to prevent or to stop them. If you live in West Palm Beach, you should know that this South-East coast city sees frequent hurricanes and various forms of water damage. Insurance companies aren’t always going to judge claims fairly, and many people are cheated out of a fair settlement each year. Property owners should avoid gambling with their compensation rights. A public adjuster can help you navigate the legal process to get fair reimbursement for your property restoration.

Compared to insurance company adjusters, who don’t have your best interest in mind, a West Palm Beach Public Adjuster will take your case seriously. If you fear that the settlement received isn’t fair and won’t cover your restoration expenses, you deserve a second chance for appropriate reimbursement. Our public adjusters are independent professionals with multiple cases under their belt. They are experienced with documenting, calculating costs, and tackling legal and bureaucratic intricacies on your behalf. Call us at (954) 588-7416 or check our contact form for more information.

Excellent public adjusters for hurricane damage claims in West Palm Beach

Hurricanes are a frequent occurrence in Florida, producing significant damage each year. Even if a property isn’t destroyed, the reparations needed will be extensive and costly. The average private property value in West Palm Beach is $257,700, and hurricanes damage thousands of properties when they hit. With insurance companies having to balance their profits and reimbursements, many people receive unsatisfactory settlements despite severe and sustained hurricane damage to their property. We can help you find a good Public Adjuster in West Palm Beach to ensure that all your reparation costs are covered.

Professional help in dealing with water damage claims in West Palm Beach

Water damage due to floods or other natural occurrences can wreak havoc on your property’s structural stability. Moreover, the costs of repairing water damage can vary, depending on severity. Water damage can be tough to assess. Hidden financial interests and lack of transparency of insurance adjusters can mean that the investigation and documentation won’t be thorough. A West Palm Beach Public Adjuster will be transparent about the full extent of the damage and give you a realistic figure of repair costs.

Fair settlements for mold damage claims in West Palm Beach

Mold can grow anywhere, from interior walls to roofs, to the framing structure. The mold spreads in all directions, slowly eating away at the surfaces it comes into contact with. With time, the damage can weaken a building’s stability. Mold also raises health concerns because continuous exposure can impact your respiratory system over time. But because mold damage needs time to take its toll, insurance companies try to downplay it. Despite serious dangers, many people are given unjust settlements that won’t cover the costs of renovation. ProFloridian Public Adjusters makes sure that your concerns are heard and that you receive a fair settlement.

Professional assistance in filing roof damage claims in West Palm Beach

Roof damage occurs for many reasons, and its restoration costs are among the highest. Minor work such as fixing leaks or replacing shingles can cost upward of $1,000, and for major projects, the price only goes higher. Given the frequency of roof damage, insurance companies will try to cut costs to save some profit. Thus, thousands of people end up having to fix their roofs with a fraction of the real repair costs. It’s unfair, and you don’t have to let it happen to you. By hiring a public adjuster, you will avoid unjust and insufficient settlements.

Full coverage for fire damage costs in West Palm Beach

Fire damage is often disastrous and costly to fix. When a property catches fire, the flames quickly spread all over, destroying multiple parts of a building, as well as personal belongings. It’s difficult to assess the full extent of the damage and to calculate repair costs. With so many details requiring close attention, it’s easy to see how insurance companies choose to gloss over such cases to save time and money. If you or anyone you know is unhappy with their fire damage settlement or wants professional assistance to tackle this serious issue, call us at (954) 588-7416, or check our contact form. Our public adjusters are here to help!

Frequently asked questions

  1. Are public adjusters different than insurance company adjusters?

In short, yes. While insurance company adjusters are hired by your insurance provider, public adjusters work independently. There are no hidden fees because public adjusters are paid on a commission basis. Public adjusters receive their payment in the form of a small percentage fee after the settlement has been decided upon. It’s in their interest to provide you with the best services for receiving a fair settlement.

  1. What do public adjusters do?

Public adjusters are experienced professionals who can help you with all the legal and bureaucratic requirements for your property damage claim. They are prepared to work on the documentation and to calculate your repair costs. They are acquainted with the legal and insurance system’s intricacies, which means they know how to protect your interest and how to help you obtain the money to cover your repair needs.

  1. Are public adjusters in West Palm Beach trustworthy?

Absolutely! Because public adjusters are independent workers with no hidden financial interests, you can trust them to be transparent and helpful when hired to file damage claims on your behalf. Their job is to ensure that you receive fair compensation, and the payment is always made on a percentage fee basis after the settlement has been received.

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