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ProFloridian Public Adjusters in Boca Raton
ProFloridian Public Adjusters in Boca Raton

Boca Raton is a fairly quiet and beautiful city with gorgeous scenery and lots of things to do. But sometimes, homeowners need a hand with property damage claims. ProFloridian Public Adjusters has the necessary knowledge to obtain the highest settlement on a claim very quickly. Florida is notorious for all the catastrophes it faces and that’s why the insurance industry is constantly fluctuating in this state. In 2020, the industry was going south. This is why insurance companies try to pay clients as little as possible on their claims.

At ProFloridian Public Adjusters, we try our best to help people obtain the highest settlements possible. Our public adjusters have plenty of experience in the field and can help you at every step of the process. You can reach us by calling (954) 588-7416 or filling in this contact form and we’ll help you find a public adjuster for your case.

Types of Property Damage

As a homeowner, you can file a property damage claim to your insurance company if your home is damaged from a covered peril. Insurance policies offer coverage for various types of property damage, such as:

  • Business Interruption Damage – When a spark ignites a stack of papers, it will then extend to the entire office space. Or a burst pipe can flood your company’s premises and halt your production. In this case, you can file a business interruption claim and obtain compensation for the incurred losses
  • Wind Damage – Strong winds are quite common in Boca Raton but, unfortunately, they’re very destructive. One gust of wind can rip the shingles from your roof, topple a tree on your siding, or shatter your window. Contact ProFloridian Public Adjusters to file a wind damage claim today!
  • Mold damage – Once mold gets into your home, it’ll make your family sick and worsen your health constantly. You need to get rid of it, but mold remediation services are expensive. Fortunately, your insurance policy covers mold damage, so file a claim with ProFloridian Public adjusters! 

Why You Need a Local Boca Raton Public Adjuster

With a public adjuster helping you, filing property damage claims becomes simple and easy. We do everything on your behalf – damage assessment, loss estimation, repair cost calculations, building documentation, and we also negotiate with your insurance company for a bigger settlement.

A Boca Raton PA knows the market, the local insurance policies, and the most common property damage types. ProFloridian Public Adjusters guarantees maximum compensation for any claim, including fire damage, water damage, hurricane damage, mold damage, and more. Public adjusters are experts at filing property damage claims, and that’s why you need one!

Contact us Today

ProFloridian Public Adjusters is available 24/7, so don’t hesitate to come to us! You can reach us by calling (954) 588-7416 or filling in this contact form and we’ll help you file the best property damage claim for your situation. We offer a free consultation so you can learn more about our services!

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What’s the difference between a public adjuster and an insurance company adjuster?

Public adjusters will always fight for your benefits as a client. Insurance company adjusters will ultimately fight for the insurance company’s benefits. If you want to maximize your settlement, you need to opt for a public adjuster. Public adjusters act as bridges between you and the insurance company.

They have enough expertise to obtain the highest possible pay out of your claim. For high-risk areas where weather disasters happen regularly, the situation can be even trickier.

  1. Can you get higher property settlements in Boca Raton?

In 90% of the cases, people who choose public adjusters get higher settlements. Public adjusters will do everything in their power to obtain the highest payout for the clients. Many people settle for these offers simply because they are under the pressure of time and emotions.

Obtaining insurance settlements is not as straightforward as people may think. There are a lot of administrative aspects you need to take care of. Having negotiations with your insurance company can take months to complete. In many cases, people are not happy with the settlements they receive even after all the efforts. This is where a public adjuster steps in, doing all the admin work on your side.

  1. Can I find a public adjuster in Boca Raton?

Of course! At ProFloridian Public Adjusters, we bring together the best people in the industry. Since insurance claims are so common in Boca Raton, you can rest assured that we have the needed experience to deal with any situation you may raise. Our public adjusters are proficient and have plenty of experience in solving complex claims.

Hire us to benefit from expert advice on filing property claims! We’ll make things easier by taking care of all the administrative stuff. We assess the damage, estimate your losses and repair costs, document the situation, and talk to your insurance company. In the end, you get enough money to repair your home!

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