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ProFloridian Public Adjusters in Miami
ProFloridian Public Adjusters in Miami

Property damage is challenging to assess and very expensive to fix. Most people cannot afford to put all the money down if they need to renovate or restore their properties. Sadly, insurance companies don’t have policyholders’ interests at heart. Most times, a client can receive an unsatisfying settlement because the insurance company is trying to keep its profits high. If you are a property owner in Miami, you can find help with ProFloridian Public Adjusters. We guarantee you’ll be working with the best Public Adjuster in Miami. You’ll file your damage claim faster while receiving maximal reimbursements for your repair costs.

Miami is located close to the coast, making it a likely target for natural disasters such as hurricanes and floods. Water damage is the most common in Florida, and it can occur due to natural factors or faulty home equipment and plumbing systems. According to statistics, the annual cost of water and mold damage nationwide is as high as $2.5 billion. The average cost of a water damage claim is almost $7,000. If you want to make sure your settlement will cover your losses, call us at (954) 588-7416 or use our contact form.

We’ll help you handle a water damage claim in Miami

Because water damage is so typical in Florida, thousands of claims are filed each year. The figures run high, and insurance companies try to cut costs at every corner. This results in the unfair treatment of clients and unreasonable reimbursements for property repairs. To avoid this injustice, it’s best to hire a Miami Public Adjuster when filing a water damage claim. Our public adjusters are well prepared to tackle all the legal procedures and documentation necessary for filing a successful claim. They’re thorough and efficient, and they’ll always evaluate the costs in your favor.

Hire good public adjusters for your mold damage claim in Miami

Insurance companies usually offer unsuitable settlements for mold damage repairs. There’s a misconception that public adjusters can easily deal with mold and that it doesn’t pose as much of a danger as other, more violent types of property damage. This is, of course, not true. Mold can quickly deteriorate organic materials, and its negative impact on human health is well-documented. Mold can spread a lot further than the surface, so it’s impossible to know the actual repair costs without a thorough investigation. A Miami Public Adjuster will be serious when evaluating your property damage, earning you a realistic settlement for your claim.

Quicker settlements for roof damage claims in Miami

Roofs are regularly exposed to harsh conditions and damaging factors. They’re critical parts of your home but also in constant need of fixing. When your roof sustains damage, the insides of the house also become vulnerable to water and mold damage. This causes a variety of potential problems, so a damaged roof requires immediate restoration. With costs for simple repairs running up to $1,000, extensive repairs are not an option for many homeowners. If you fear that your settlement won’t suffice, hiring a Public Adjuster in Miami is an easy solution. We’re experienced in dealing with damage claims, so we can assess the costs, prepare the documentation, and file your claim as soon as possible.

Excellent public adjusters for hurricane damage claims in Miami

Hurricanes cause billions of dollars worth of damage to private properties each year. Dealing with the aftermath of a large-scale disaster is difficult enough, but many clients are also forced to endure the lack of transparency and unfair treatment from their insurer as well. Your insurance adjuster won’t disclose every detail of their investigation or their reasoning behind their evaluations. When you know the damage would require thousands of dollars to fix, it’s best to play it safe and hire an independent professional. A public adjuster will collaborate openly with their client, with no hidden interests or financial ties hindering them from doing their job correctly.

Hire a professional public adjuster for a fire damage claim in Miami

Evaluating the extent of fire damage is demanding. Apart from the fire itself, smoke damage can also ruin areas not directly affected by flames. The investigation should also take into account the possible water damage caused when putting out a fire. Each additional factor creates extra room for error when assessing the extent of the damage and the restoration costs. Property owners need professional assistance to ensure that everything is correctly accounted for. We provide precisely what you need!  Our trained, experienced public adjusters will evaluate your property damage justly and efficiently so that you’ll receive a reasonable settlement for your losses. For any inquiry, call us at (954) 588-7416 or use our contact form, and we’ll answer all your questions.

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Frequently asked questions

  1. How are public adjusters different than insurance adjusters?

Your insurer hires an insurance adjuster to deal with your damage claim. Because of the direct connection with your insurer, the adjuster is bound to work in their favor. On the other hand, public adjusters work independently from your insurance provider. A public adjuster is transparent and open about how they are going to handle your damage claim. They pay great attention to detail, and they always evaluate costs in your favor.

  1. How can a public adjuster earn me a higher settlement?

An insurance adjuster will usually try to deflate the real figures when estimating property damage. Furthermore, they can miss or ignore important details that can make a significant difference in your final settlement. A public adjuster, though, analyzes the damage in its entirety, and they are prepared to assess different kinds of damage simultaneously. It’s in a public adjuster’s interest to earn their client the most significant reasonable settlement possible, so they’re incentivized to treat your case seriously.

  1. Are public adjusters in Miami expensive?

Public adjusters earn a lot, depending on the severity of the damage they’re dealing with. Their services are valuable because they can save property owners tens of thousands of dollars. The good news is that anyone can hire a public adjuster, irrespective of their budget. That’s because public adjusters are paid after the settlement is decided. Typically, the pay consists of a percentage fee of the final reimbursement. In case of a disaster, Florida law prohibits public adjusters from charging more than 10%.

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