Hurricane Damage Public Adjusters in Boca Raton

ProFloridian Hurricane Damage Public Adjusters in Boca Raton
ProFloridian Hurricane Damage Public Adjusters in Boca Raton

Florida is perfectly situated to withstand some forms of hurricanes. This is because of its location which is far enough inland and up north. Yet when it comes to hurricanes coming up from the southwest side of the state, this leaves its dwellers in limbo as it is difficult to predict how much damage it can cause their properties. Hurricane Charley in 2004 for example, left a surprising $16.9 billion total of damaged properties across the affected areas including Boca Raton. While the impact of these hurricanes may vary, people are getting hurricane insurance to protect themselves when an unpredictable time like this happens. This comes with the expectations that these companies will pick up the costs of whatever damages the hurricane left. In contrast, insurers have plans as well on how they can protect themselves from billions of dollars’ worth of claims that will be filed with them once the storm passes, leaving them to deal with its effects.

How do Insurance Companies Handle Hurricane Insurance Claims

Underpaying the value of claims is one of the common tactics that hurricane insurance companies might do in an attempt to pay less than what homeowners or business owners deserve to get. Another important thing to remember is that insurance companies have tight filing deadlines, so expect that delaying claims dangerously close to the filing deadline can also be just one of these insurance companies’ tactics. Insurance companies do these to property owners in order for them to pay less of what they should be paying for the policy holders. This is the reason why policy holders should not just rely on insurance adjusters but should seek help from public adjusters too. Insurance Adjusters and Public adjusters do the same task of evaluating properties damage to determine how much a hurricane insurance company cover should. It must be clear however that an Insurance Adjuster works on behalf of the insurance company whose aim is always in the favor of the insurer; while a Public Adjuster works on behalf of the property owner with the goal of helping them claim the settlement amount that is just and appropriate to recover from what they lost.

How Can a Hurricane Damage Public Adjuster in Boca Raton Help You

What can a public adjuster, like ProFloridian, do for you? The impact of a disaster is stressful that dealing with an insurance claim can be a nightmare to many. This is why a help from a public adjuster is advisable. Public adjusters can help home owners or business owners like you file complex claims to insurance companies. Filing a claim on your own can be complicated and might require extensive knowledge on this field so you can be guaranteed that you will get the appropriate amount you deserve if you hire the help of these professionals. The right settlement can definitely cover the costs you needed to recover. In order to help you with your claim, Public adjusters will typically first check on the homeowners or business owners’ claim and will extensively review the policy. Then, they will visit and evaluate the level of damages to your property and document all of them together with what needs to be covered under the owners’ insurance policy. After documenting, public adjusters will provide the information to the insurance company and they will check if the proposed payout of the insurance is sufficient. If the proposed amount doesn’t meet their expected reimbursement, they can start negotiating with the insurer on your behalf. Public Adjusters in Florida and in general, are paid on a percentage basis depending on your claim. This means that they do not get paid until your settlement has been released.  This pushes them to ensure that their work is done properly in order to maximize homeowners or business owners’ settlement, trickling the effects in their favor.

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