Mold Damage Public Adjusters in Boca Raton

ProFloridian Mold Damage Public Adjusters in Boca Raton
ProFloridian Mold Damage Public Adjusters in Boca Raton

There might be times that you’ve thought that damages from a broken pipe had been fully resolved. After all, you’ve spent money to have a new plumbing system done in your kitchen and even had the Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) guys come over to check and work on improving the air quality inside your home. But what if after a few months, you found out that the problem you thought to have been solved had turned out into a full-blown nightmare? Only this time, you find your walls and floors warped and the air mustier more than ever. You know that mold damages are covered in your Homeowners Insurance policy, but you are thinking twice if the time lapsed would affect your claim. Read on to find out more about this situation.

Time and Its Importance in Insurance Claims

If you are in Boca Raton, Florida, you must have likely purchased an insurance policy as required by law or to simply get a peace of mind that your properties are well-taken care of in case of a catastrophic event. A part of your standard obligation to the insurance company after a loss has taken place is to promptly notify them about it. This is so the insurer can immediately investigate the claim while it is still easy to track the evidence and the events are still fresh in the minds of many. You should also send a sworn proof of loss within 60 days of request from the insurance company. Filing for insurance claims and hoping to get a fair settlement is eerily similar to filing charges in a court and hoping to get the justice you deserve. The burden of proof lies on the plaintiff, or in this case, the insured. Failing to comply with any of their time requirements could mean forfeiture of the already covered loss under your insurance policy. Time is also of the essence for your insurance company to provide correspondence to your communication, which is 14 days upon their receipt. They are also expected to pay or deny your claim within 90 days after receiving notice of your claim, except for those constituting fortuitous events.

How to Handle Disputes Arising From your Insurance Claims

If you are caught in the scenario mentioned above wherein you are doubtful of filing claims for fear that it wouldn’t prosper due to lapsed time, the best thing that you could do is to consider the cost of loss first. If the loss is considerably large, then it might be worth to fight your insurance company on the claim. Although it is highly advisable for everyone to avail the benefits under a policy, doing so even for small claims could only spike up their premiums in the long run, particularly for first time homeowners. Aside from this, another thing is to consider your compliance to your other standard obligations, which is to make reasonable and necessary repairs to protect the property, or in this case, to have the kitchen fixed upon discovery of the broken pipe. If you have convinced yourself that these two have been satisfied, then it is worth going to the troubles of filing a claim even with the possibility of having it denied. Some ways available in case of claim disputes include mediation, appraisal and hiring public adjusters. ProFloridian Public adjusters are licensed professionals who could help represent your rights during the process. Finding a good Mold Damage Public Adjuster in Boca Raton could help in doing proper documentation and organizing records that could back up your settlement claim. They should be licensed and shall be paid a percentage of the settlement.

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