Fort Lauderdale Water Damage Public Adjusters

Fort Lauderdale Water Damage ProFloridian Public Adjusters
Fort Lauderdale Water Damage ProFloridian Public Adjusters

When water damage occurs, it is often unexpected and extensive. You rarely get the chance to mitigate further water damage to your home once the catastrophe strikes. It could be a flood, a leaking toilet or sink, a burst pipe, or a leaking washing machine. Regardless of the cause, a Fort Lauderdale water damage public adjuster may help you assess the damage and obtain compensation for your repair losses. ProFloridian Public Adjusters expertly analyzes water damage and helps you deal with the aftermath efficiently!

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Why hire a water damage public adjuster in Fort Lauderdale?

When water damage damages your home, the first thing you should do is mitigate the extent of the damage. If it’s outside your expertise, then consider hiring a water mitigation company. At the same time, you should contact a public adjuster in preparation for the insurance claim procedures. Obtaining compensation for a water damage claim isn’t exactly straightforward. The steps are confusing and unclear sometimes.

A Fort Lauderdale water damage public adjuster can guide you through the entire process, from start to finish. The first 24 hours after the water damage occurs are vital for filing a property claim.  The insurance company may conclude that you didn’t properly attempt to mitigate the water damage. In this case, they may try to underpay or deny your claim. With a public adjuster guiding you, this won’t be a problem, and chances are the settlement will also be more substantial!

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Fort Lauderdale is a prime location for hurricanes, rainstorms, and hailstorms. There’s also the risk of a flood from a burst pipe or a leaking toilet. The result is called water damage, and it heavily impacts your home’s structural integrity. Fortunately, insurance companies should compensate you for the incurred losses, but only after assessing the cause and extent of the damage.

What’s less clear is how insurance adjusters actively attempt to underpay you. It’s in their best interest, after all. That’s why we recommend hiring a ProFloridian Public Adjusters expert to defend your best interest. While the insurance adjuster may intentionally overlook important factors when assessing your water damage, we won’t. Our public adjusters are objective and professional and will deal with the entire claim procedure, including:

  • Initial damage assessment
  • Incurred losses documentation
  • Estimation of repair costs
  • Identification of damage source
  • Negotiation with your insurance company

At first, you wouldn’t think filing a water damage claim can be so confusing and challenging. After all, you should receive your due compensation for the incurred damage. You’ve paid your insurance premiums until now, and the insurance company is legally compelled to settle your claim favorably. Well, that’s not always the case, unfortunately. Bureaucracy, paperwork, and confusing jargon get in the way of many homeowners when filing water damage claims.

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A water damage public adjuster in Fort Lauderdale is always at your disposal with ProForidian Public Adjusters here. It’s in your best interest to obtain expert assistance when dealing with water damage. The claim procedure is lengthy, complicated, and not always intuitive. Moreover, required paperwork doesn’t allow any compromises or mistakes. Even the slightest omittance could destroy your chances at a fair settlement.

A worrying trend among insurance companies is trying to shift the blame and repair costs on the homeowner. They include confusing language in the insurance policies, mentioning that they will not cover water losses reported after 14 days. However, it’s almost impossible to determine whether a water loss is 3-days old or 14-days old. A water damage public adjuster in Fort Lauderdale would know how to deal with any situation that arises and get you reasonable compensation for your losses!

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