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Miami Fire Damage ProFloridian Public Adjusters
Miami Fire Damage ProFloridian Public Adjusters

Few things are as damaging as fires to a house. Miami homeowners often deal with bushfires, electrical malfunctions, explosions, or thunderstrikes that result in fire damage. Insurance companies cover fire and smoke damage but filing a claim is easier said than done. ProFloridian Public Adjusters makes this process easier and more accessible! Our Miami fire damage public adjuster will guide you from start to finish until you obtain the necessary settlement to cover your losses.

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What is fire damage?

As defined by most insurance companies in Miami, fire damage includes damages caused by soot, smoke, water, and the fire itself. When the fire department extinguishes the fire, the residual water damage is also covered by your insurance policy and falls under the same fire damage claim. Has the fire damaged your furniture? Upon further investigation, your insurance company should cover this, as well. However, to return your home to its pre-damaged state, you need an expert public adjuster.

We’ve seen too many cases when homeowners signed authorization forms from fire restoration companies that authorized said companies to attempt restoring items that they couldn’t fix. The associated costs will be subtracted from the insurance policy limits, diminishing the amounts necessary to repair restorable items. It’s not advantageous to you to sign such forms! Fire damage isn’t difficult to assess and document for a public adjuster, all without signing any confusing and risky forms.

You don’t want to leave your home in the hands of a disinterested insurance adjuster that ignores the extent of the damage to your home, right? Then our fire damage public adjuster in Miami should be your greatest asset in filing a fire damage claim. Your best interest coincides with ours! We always commit to our clients’ causes, aiming for the maximum compensation for all incurred losses. Even if insurance companies try to underpay you, we won’t stand for it.

Will I get a higher settlement by hiring a public adjuster?

To answer this question, we must go over a few essential details regarding fire damage claims and the associated procedures. When a fire envelops your home, countless factors enter the fray, leading to a chaotic and confusing scene. Every fire has its unique circumstances, and the investigation needs to be thorough. An insurance adjuster (expert hired by your insurance company) will assess your damage superficially. They’re actively trying to underpay you by misrepresenting your losses.

Did you know that a fire can damage your furniture and items indirectly through smoke and soot damage? This includes electrical appliances, mechanical equipment, and obviously, any piece of furniture. Those types of damage are included in the fire claim coverage. But only if you’re aware of it! Our Miami fire damage public adjusters have years of practical experience and expert knowledge regarding fire damage claims. We’ve come across countless fires, and we dealt with all of them with professionalism, objectivity, and profound knowledge!

When filing a fire damage claim, it’s a matter of knowing how to document the damage and incurred losses. You probably aren’t aware of many essential things in this regard. But a public adjuster is an expert at these things. We know exactly how to calculate the losses, what does and what doesn’t constitute a fire damage loss, and how to persuade your insurance company for higher compensation. Not hiring a public adjuster to file your fire damage claim is like refusing an attorney in a court of law. It’s just not in your best interest!

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