Miami Mold Damage Public Adjusters

Miami Mold Damage ProFloridian Public Adjusters
Miami Mold Damage ProFloridian Public Adjusters

Long gone are the days when filing a mold damage claim wasn’t anything spectacular. It was just as easy or difficult or other damage claims. Due to raising public awareness about the health hazards of mold, insurance companies are starting to remove mold coverage from their policies. Even when they cover mold damage, they do so under the guise of an additional premium you have to pay. However, ProFloridian Public Adjusters has the best Miami mold damage public adjuster to help you win your mold damage claim!

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Mold coverage excluded from many insurance policies

You may not know this, but many insurance companies in Miami either excluded mold coverage from their policies or they locked it behind a hefty additional premium. If you’re unsure whether your insurance policy covers mold damage or not, contact us, and we’ll shed light on this issue! Regardless of insurance companies’ attempts to deny your claims, we’re confident in obtaining a reasonable settlement for you.

We rely on our decade’s worth of experience in filing mold damage claims. With sufficient knowledge about insurance policies, we can avoid most pitfalls and guide you toward a winning strategy. The secret to winning a mold damage claim is establishing that the mold was caused by an insured peril such as water or hurricane damage. Then, we’ll justify the mold damage as a natural result of other insured perils.

In other words, our mold damage public adjuster in Miami will:

  • Assess the mold damage’s extent and severity
  • Narrow down the cause for the mold damage
  • Identify if the source of the mold damage is a covered event
  • Estimate mold remediation costs
  • Maintain fairness and objectivity

It’s in your best interest to hire a public adjuster in this matter. It’s not possible to do this alone because you’re not qualified to assess mold damage. If you don’t hire a public adjuster, the insurance company will send their own insurance adjuster. And they’ll be far from fair or objective!

Excellent Miami mold damage public adjuster with ProFloridian Public Adjusters

Mold claims aren’t what they used to be. Now, they’re much more difficult to prove, thanks in no small part to corporate greed. Insurance companies refuse to cover mold damage because they’d have to pay a lot of money to homeowners. The coverage became much more substantial after science has uncovered more worrying facts about the hazardous character of mold. However, it’s still possible to win a mold damage claim in Miami! Our public adjusters are always at your disposal, and we bring ample practical knowledge to the table.

We can take on previously underpaid or denied mold claims. Contact us, tell us about your case, and we’ll start working on it immediately! With cutting-edge assessment techniques, on-the-field presence from our adjusters, and policy knowledge, nothing will escape our grasp. We want to obtain the maximum amount to cover all your incurred losses, and we will!

From beginning to end, our mold damage public adjuster in Miami will be by your side, advising you on the next course of action. In fact, we take care of all the paperwork and claim procedures. When hiring us, you can relax knowing that your mold claim has the best adjusters in Miami working on it. Throughout the years, we’ve brought stellar services to the citizens of Miami, and no small number of our clients had mold claims to file.

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