Miami Water Damage Public Adjusters

Miami Water Damage ProFloridian Public Adjusters
Miami Water Damage ProFloridian Public Adjusters

There’s no reasoning with a natural event or a household appliance household. Your sink could flood the apartment, the pipes under the toilet may burst, or your roof may be leaking because of the recent hurricane. All these events can lead to extensive water damage, and you need an excellent Miami water damage public adjuster to settle an insurance claim. ProFloridian Public Adjusters offers the best public adjusting services for water damage claims in Miami!

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Why do you need to hire a public adjuster?

Technically, you don’t need to hire a public adjuster to settle a water damage claim. Just like how no one’s forcing you to hire an attorney to represent you in the court of law. You get one by default, but you don’t get to choose him/her. So, whether the attorney is good or bad, you have to deal with it. The same can be said about public adjusting. If you don’t hire one, the insurance company will send one on their payroll.

From experience, we can say that insurance adjusters aren’t friendly, honest, or objective. They only care about saving money for the insurance company that pays them. If this means underpaying or denying your claim by appealing to vague regulations, then so be it. Your water damage claim may appear easy to file and win, but an insurance adjuster has plenty of instruments to use that will ruin your chances.

Whereas, if you hire a property public adjuster in Miami, everything changes. ProFloridian Public Adjusters is the place where objectivity, profound knowledge, and professionalism meet hand in hand. We’re on your side, and we’ll defend your best interest with passion and commitment! After you call us, our representative will assess your home’s condition, estimate the water damage losses and repair costs, and advise you on the best course of action. All without charging any upfront fee!

What does a water damage claim consist of?

When confronted with extensive water damage, you may be wondering about the steps to take in filing a water damage claim. Well, you don’t do anything yourself, per se. The adjuster does. There are two possibilities here:

  • Either you hire a public adjuster, and they take care of everything
  • Or you don’t, and then your insurance company sends their own insurance adjuster

No one except qualified experts can file a property damage claim and take care of the underlying procedures. It can be someone you chose (and whom you trust) or someone the insurance company forces upon you (and who isn’t trustworthy). Water damage can mean anything from a leaking roof to a burst pipe, a leaking sink, frozen pipe leaks, broken sewage backup, or water residue caused by rain or a hurricane.

The first step to take in any scenario is to try and mitigate the damage. This could mean fixing the hole in the wall temporarily or trying to stop the leaks from spreading. If you don’t do any of this, the insurance company may deny your claim on the grounds of failing to meet your homeowners’ policy’s obligations. Calling our Miami water damage public adjuster when you notice water damage in your home mitigates these risks and confusions. If you don’t know how to mitigate the water damage, we’ll guide you!

We’ll guide you in a way that lets you stay clear of any pitfalls the insurance company may try to lure you in. In the end, we’ll obtain the maximum compensation for your incurred water damage losses! Call us at (954) 588-7416 or use our online form for more information!

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