Mold Damage Public Adjusters in West Palm Beach

ProFloridian Mold Damage Public Adjusters in West Palm Beach
ProFloridian Mold Damage Public Adjusters in West Palm Beach

If you are having problems with mold damages in general, you might at one point have considered filing for claims against your insurance company. After all, mold can have serious effects, not only in damaging your building structure or home, affecting its heating and ventilation systems, but also in wasting away your personal property. Molds can infest walls and carpeting to name a few and can spread out through spores affecting a larger or even your whole place. Repairs and replacements for damages from molds can be costly, and life beside the beach should be, well, pretty easy. But what are you going to do if ever you file for a claim, and it gets turned down?  Or you got an offer which is lower that what you were expecting for? Hire a public adjuster, I must say.

Molds and Beach Houses

West Palm Beach is a large town on a beach found along the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. It is home to more than a hundred thousand residents and is known for its beautiful and white sandy beaches. Some properties are located near the beach exposing them to moisture and lingering humidity in the air. Humidity affecting a porous surface can be the perfect spot for molds and mildew to grow. If left unchecked for over a period of time, physical manifestations on walls or ceiling, or allergic reactions and respiratory issues resulting from the compromised air quality might appear.

The Perfect Time to Call for a Mold Damage Public Adjuster in West Palm Beach

The initial reaction after discovering mold infection or mold damages in your property is to file a claim for repairs or replacement against your insurance company. After all, if your policy includes such peril, then you would expect that they would cater to your concern as well. There are times however that Public Adjusters are better options when dealing with your insurance company, particularly if the claim involves a huge amount of loss because they are paid by percentage basis and would basically get nothing if the stake at risk is small. Public adjusters work and advocate for the policy holders and not the insurance companies. Insurance companies are notoriously known for their reputation of trying to pay with the lowest payment settlement the laws in your state would allow. They would send insurance adjusters who would assess and evaluate the mold damages in your beach house or beach property, and these adjusters would estimate accordingly to what their companies could or would like to pay. Your goal on the other hand is to refute the estimates that they issued. These estimates are most likely lower than the worth you know your property deserves. Remember that when claiming for damages or loss, the proof of burden always rests on the insured. Thus, hiring a professional who can help you make a comprehensive list of all the damaged properties and at specific situations, even the possible threats included, would be extremely beneficial. These public adjusters can help you in negotiating a fair settlement backed up by the documentation they prepared and made. Just make sure that you check their license with your state insurance regulators’ office, conduct an interview to know about their payment schemes and related legal terms for contracts, and gather as much information that their references could provide. In this way, you can be ensured that these professionals’ help can maximize your chances for recovery.

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