Roof Damage Public Adjusters in West Palm Beach

ProFloridian Roof Damage Public Adjusters in West Palm Beach
ProFloridian Roof Damage Public Adjusters in West Palm Beach

Roof damages have various causes. If you are in West Palm Beach, Florida, a hurricane or a storm can cause trees to fall or carry debris that might strike and cause damages to your roof. They can also be brought by ordinary wear and tear resulting from the changes of weather. These changes can cause roof shingles to tear away, exposing vulnerable parts of the roof and eventually allowing water leakage inside your home. The lack of adhesion can also result in the bubbling of your roof. These tiny bubbles or roof blisters should not be ignored as they can eventually “pop”, resulting in more damages to your property. Other roof problems can also be related to gutters, vent boots, flashing, skylights, and yes, even your chimney.

Short Term Alternatives to Roof Damages

Once you discover that there is a leak on the roof or notice that one of the shingles has fallen, this usually prompts you to call the services of a roofing company. However, if it is a holiday weekend or at a busy time such as after the occurrence of a natural catastrophe, finding one who is readily available can also be difficult. Other times, roofing repair and replacement costs can be something beyond what you can afford at the moment. With these factors to be considered, it is important to adapt short term alternatives until an expert or the required money becomes available. If the repair covers a large area, a quick fix solution is to use an outdoor tarp over the vulnerable spot. Smooth down the tarp over the roof, nail its edges, and cover the nail heads with a roof cement. This would prevent unwanted water from intruding and attacking the materials of and personal properties inside your home. Roof shingles can also get loose, curl or just disappear, leaving your roof unprotected from outside elements. You can straighten out a curled shingle by softening them with a heat gun and reattaching them on the roof. For the loosened ones, simply sliding them under the bottom edge of the row and securing them with nails can also do the trick. If a shingle however is completely lost and nowhere to be found, using a metal sheet can definitely provide the protection you need. Cut the sheet in the size of a normal shingle, and use nails to attach it the way you would normally attach an asphalt shingle. Cover the nail heads with a roofing cement and voila, the problem should be fixed even for a short period of time. If the damages concern cracks on your flashing, skylight or chimney, a temporary fix is to patch them with roofing cement and caulking. Since they are relatively easy, cleaning clogged roofs or replacing vent boots are solutions you can do on your own.

Insurance Companies and Roof Damages

Despite having the ability to do these fixes on your own, remember that their nature is only temporary and a long term solution is still best when dealing with roof damages. Also, know that repairing or replacing damaged roofs and any of its parts can be dangerous and fatal. Statistics provide that roof workers are three times more likely to die in comparison to those working for other industries. These statistics refer to expert roofers, so imagine how much more it can be for ordinary individuals like you. Thus, if you hired an insurance company to cover these damages or pay for roofing professionals, make sure that you avail of the benefits of the policy you signed for. In case that you receive an offer which is lower than what a reputable roofing company has estimated, or at worse, have your claim rejected, availing the professional services of a West Palm Beach Roof Damage Public Adjuster can help you maximize your recovery. This will ensure that you get the best protection over the top of your head.

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