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How ProFloridian Public Adjusters Can Help with Water Damage Insurance Claims

Water Damage in Miami

Water damage is quite a common problem in Miami. The most dreaded natural disaster in Miami is hurricanes, and just two inches of water is capable of drifting your car away. As a property owner, you have to get your property insured against water damage as water disasters occur quite frequently. Miami, Dade, Broward, and West Palm Beach are areas with residential and commercial properties where you are likely to run into such kind of problems.

As it is the most common kind of property damage throughout the entire United States, water damage public adjuster insurance claim is your only way to recover some of your losses. Water damage public adjuster Miami work with those whose properties’ have gotten damaged due to these losses. Water damage could render your home inevitable for habitation and destroy everything.

Water damage can lead to underlying issues like mold that weaken the foundation and lead to future health problems. So, when someone suffers from water damage to his property because of flood or hurricane, it becomes inevitable to hire a water damage public adjuster Miami. You would need a water damage public adjuster Miami to help you with the filing of your claim and a full assessment of your losses and detect any underlying dangers caused due to water damage.

During the peak season of hurricanes, the claims for property damage come in thousands, and water damage-related claims result in millions of dollars in recoverable funds annually. Water can create extensive damage. When there are so many claims. Most of them end up getting denied by the insurance companies as they cannot lose their profit. As the criminal lawyers prosecute and defend, a water damage public adjuster would help you with the filing and settlement of your claim because as a property owner, you are not liable to pay for the damages which are covered under your insurance policy.

Different Kinds of Water Damage

Water damage impacts numerous areas throughout the home structure that can gradually damage the entire property. Listed below are some types of water damage which are seen in case of water damage claims in Miami:

  • Broken pipes
  • Backup in sewage
  • Broken equipment
  • Floods
  • Leaky roofs
  • A leak in dishwashers and toilets
  • Loss of personal belongings
  • Mold
Water damages could be quite damaging. They are known to be extremely destructive as they can damage homes and personal belongings. Water losses destroy homes and lead to financial losses but do not kill. Every year, a lot of people become victims of water/floods and die by drowning. There are several circumstances due to which water damage occurs in residential and commercial properties. Some can arise because of negligence. Some have no end and are rather unstoppable like natural calamities. You can prevent some of the water damage but not always. Disaster can strike any moment, and during that time, the most essential thing to do is securing one’s life before property because you can replace property but not a human life.

Categories of Water Damage

When water damage occurs on any property, it falls under a specific category of water damage. These categories are helpful to the water damage public adjuster insurance claim as they assist the water damage public adjuster in determining the extent of damage and what type of treatment will be the most appropriate.

Category 1:

The water in category 1, is considered as clean water. It does not pose a threat to anyone. Sink overflows and broken appliances such as dishwaters are included in this.

Category 2:

The water in Category 2 is also called gray water. It refers to the kind of water that causes sickness because it is contaminated. Some of the examples that fall under this category include seepage and broken toilets etc.

Category 3:

This category of water is the worst and also the most difficult to clean up. This kind of water is also known as black water. Black water gets contaminated with wide-ranging bacteria and leads to extreme health issues. These include the sewage that leaks into the home along with standing water that gets contaminated.

It is essential to determine which category a policyholder’s water losses fall under. This way, it becomes easier to acquire the correct treatment and know the right repair plan for the homes. A skilled water damage public adjuster Miami from ProFloridian Public Adjusters would then analyze and then determine the appropriate category you water losses fall under.

Water Damage – What should you do?

If you have water damage, then it is imperative to take the right steps first:

When you have suffered water damage, the first thing that you would like to do is to quickly dry out and remove anything that you cannot replace to keep them from getting further damage such as mold. If the water is coming from a supply line, then shut off the main valve as soon as possible. Steer clear of any water that might have come in contact with electrical equipment.

Then, the next thing to do is take as many pictures as you can or use a video recorder to capture footage of the damage. Then call a water damage public adjuster Miami from ProFloridian Public Adjusters for inspection of your site. It is best that you contact a public adjuster within 12-12 hours of damage.

Our public adjusters at ProFloridian Public Adjusters for water damage could assist you in detecting the source of the damage such as a leak. Our team works along with electricians and plumbers to help you with water damage. We also have mold experts, water restoration companies, and other professionals who have prior experience and knowledge in mitigating the damages.

Our team would then guide you through the entire process of water damage public adjuster insurance claim. Do bring all of your paperwork with you as we shall need it to support your water damage insurance claim. This also includes your original insurance policy documents and other related documents.

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