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List of Public Adjusting Services We Can Help with in Broward

According to FBI statistics, a theft or burglary occurs every 14.6 seconds. In Broward County, property crimes such as burglary, larceny-theft, motor vehicle theft is at 47.5 with 100 being considered as the high crime scale.  A competent Broward Public Adjuster might just be what you need if you have been a victim of any property related crime in the area. Though you might be possibly insured, it is important to know whether your theft insurance falls under residence, business, financial and miscellaneous theft. ProFloridian Public Adjusters have adept public adjusters who will work night and day to help you understand your policy and get the insurance claim you deserve.

As a leading public adjusting firm in the state, we offer assistance and solutions to your diverse insurance claim needs. Whether it be a theft-related insurance claim, water damage or income loss claim, you know we have your best interests. Call (954) 588-7416 or use our contact form here today so we can lend you our expertise and help.

Experienced Theft Public Adjusters

In order for your theft or vandalism claim to prosper, there must be a preponderance of evidence amounting to your favor. Thus, it is important to anticipate the possibility of this unfortunate thing happening to you and do the preparations necessary, rather than acting once it’s too late. Working with our public adjusters means that we need to work with you to create an inventory of everything you own from high-priced valuables, electronics, weapons, major appliances and rarely used items. We would also ask for photographs or videos of your items, receipts, written estimates, sworn statements or any proof for documentation. We know how to use these as a leverage once negotiation starts to get you a fair payout for your insurance claims.

Reliable Vandalism Public Adjusters

Another property related claim is on vandalism damages. Vandalism includes the breaking or destruction of windows, doors and locks, tagging or spray painting of property walls, or at times, deliberately flooding the vicinity of your home or buildings that will lead to water damage. There are many reasons why someone would want to vandalize your property. Whether for revenge or bad luck, dealing with insurance paperwork is stressful and painful enough to deal with. Our reliable public adjusters have all the tools and technical knowledge necessary to help you deal with this problem without any sweat. Not only that, but we also take pride in our excellent customer service and you can be guaranteed that you would not be left alone in the dark during each step of the process.

Committed Water Damage Public Adjusters

Floods and broken pipes are sources of water damage. Aside from making your property vulnerable to rotting, mold growth and other health hazards, there are other hidden costs that ignoring leaks or standing water could bring. Our public adjusters are not only certified in the state of Florida, but they also work diligently with our appraisers, attorneys and contractors to create the best strategies for your insurance claims. You can only expect the most committed team working to have the job done for you!

How ProFloridian Public Adjusters Can Help You

For any type of claims, insurance companies usually require a police report and other documentation from individuals filing them. These proofs can only be maximized through the service of our exceptional public adjusters in Broward. We are proud experts in researching, detailing and substantiating damages to your properties and additional expenses. We know the value of working with you, your insurance company and the police to help you get the highest settlement for your damaged property or stolen belongings.

Leading the public adjusting industry for a decade, our knowledgeable public adjusters have a proven track record for winning claims across all Florida. Our success spans across the areas of Denied Claims, Water Damage, Fire Damage, Hurricane Damage, Hail Damage, Wind Damage, Roof Damage, Mold Damage, Income Loss Damage and Theft/Vandalism Damage. We have a strong grasp of our roles as advocates for policyholders and you can be confident that we place your satisfaction over anything else.

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