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Roof Damage, Here’s What You Should Know Before Filing a Claim

Living in Florida is a wonderful experience if not for the Hurricane Season that leads to many homeowners incurring severe home damage. The roof is the most vulnerable part of a home during strong windstorms. Depending on its construction, the shingles may fly off, tiles may crack, and if there’s hail raining down, it may even penetrate your roof and get into the attic. ProFloridian Public Adjusters will help you understand what to do in case of roof damage!

Know Your Roof Coverage

When filing a roof damage claim, there’s something you need to understand – several factors can influence the success rate of your claim. One of these is the age of your roof. Your insurance adjuster will assess your roof’s age and compare it with what you stated when the policy was issued. If there’s any discrepancy between observations and official documents, the claim is doomed.

Depending on the age of the roof, insurance companies issue different policies. Older roofs often benefit from limited coverage due to their vulnerabilities. In the case of specific roofs, insurance companies refuse to provide any coverage. To know if you have roof coverage, and what perils it covers, take out your insurance policy and narrow some of the key terms there.

Covered Perils

Perils are effective causes of damage to your home, such as fire damage, storm damage, wind damage, water damage, and so on. Your policy could be an All Risk one, otherwise known as a Named Peril policy. This type of policy offers coverage for all perils that the policy doesn’t specifically exclude.


Replacement Cost Value and Actual Cash Value are two very important concepts for home insurance policies. Understanding these terms gives you a good understanding of what payout you’ll receive in case of roof damage. Replacement Cost Value means that you’ll receive enough money to repair your roof, minus the deductible. As for the Actual Cash Value, it subtracts the depreciation value from the replacement value. From the rest, you take out the deductible, and that’s what you receive.

What About Deductibles?

The deductible is the money amount you pay to repair your roof. This value is counted as out-of-pocket money because it isn’t given by the insurance company. Several insurance companies in Florida will want proof that you paid the deductible before giving you the entire settlement for roof repairs.

What Is a Damage Exclusion?

An exclusion means you aren’t covered for specific damage types. So, if an excluded event cause damage to your home, the insurance company won’t issue any payout because your situation isn’t under coverage. For instance, your coverage could have exclusion for hail damage. If your roof gets damaged by hail, you can’t file a damage claim.

What Do I Do in Case of Roof Damage?

Roof damage isn’t a single hazard that you can ignore. It can invite several other problems if you don’t take care of it. Not repairing your roof after a windstorm may lead to leaks, which results in mold and water damage. At that point, filing a roof damage claim is a hassle. It’s also essential that you prevent your roof from being damaged more, as this is the homeowner’s responsibility in cases like this.

Our public adjusters in Florida can guide you through the claim filing process and take this weight off your shoulders. Our expert PA can assess your incurred damage, estimate your losses and repair costs, and file a roof damage claim on your behalf. We’re a better option than an insurance adjuster!

Do you need help with a Rood Damage claim? Call us at (954) 588-7416 or use our online form to get help with your roof damage today!

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