Denied Insurance Claim, Here's What You Should Know Before Filing a Claim

Denied Insurance Claim, Here’s What You Should Know Before Filing a Claim

Any claim can be denied at any moment. Whether it’s a fire, water, or mold damage claim, your insurance company can deny it for a variety of reasons. Either the documentation is incomplete, inaccurate, or the evidence shows the damage was caused by your lack of precaution. ProFloridian Public Adjusters will explain what you can do in case of a denied insurance claim!

Know Your Denied Insurance Claim

A denied insurance company is a problem that needs solving. The insurance company denied your claim for a specific reason. Depending on that reason, there are several things you can do. Legally, any homeowner is allowed to reopen a denied claim in hope of receiving compensation for their losses.

When reopening the claim, you’re allowed to hire a third-party public adjuster to help you during the procedures. Perhaps we can see something you missed. Or we’re more accurate when building the documentation and during the damage assessment. Many things can go wrong and lead to a denied claim.

By hiring a public adjuster, you reduce the risks to a minimum. That’s because we’re the experts in filing property damage claims. No one has a better success rate than a public adjuster when it comes to insurance claims!

Covered Perils

Your insurance company covers specific perils or types of property damage. The most common ones are fire damage, water damage, mold damage, wind damage, hurricane damage, hail damage, and so on. Some policies also offer coverage for theft and vandalism damage, business interruption damage, and other types of damage. If your insurance policy is All Risk, then it will limit your coverage.

Any one of these claims could be denied for reasons we explained earlier. What you could do in this case is reopen the claim with our help. ProFloridian Public Adjusters will assess every individual case and solve it using our methodology. Regardless of the type of damage your property incurred, we can safely reopen the claim with a very high success rate.


Denied claims aren’t honored by the insurance company. They won’t pay you anything for a denied claim. Still, it’s good to know what you stand to gain if you reopen the claim. Insurance companies calculate the payout using the RCV (replacement cost value) or the ACV (actual cash value).

Depending on how the payout is calculated, you could get more or less money. The ACV subtracts both the deductible and depreciation value from the payout, while the RCV only subtracts the deductible. This means you’ll get more money from the RCV-based settlement. ProFloridian Public Adjusters can help you understand why insurance companies sometimes use ACV and sometimes RCV!

What About Deductibles?

When your home gets damaged, you need to pay for repairs. In insurance terms, that’s the deductible, the out-of-pocket expense that the insurance company won’t compensate. Most insurance companies will require proof that you paid the deductible before giving you the full payout for the repairs.

The proof could be the receipt you received from the company hired to repair your home. Just present that to your insurance company along with your property damage claim, and you should be compensated. However, they could deny your claim all the same. If you don’t want that to happen, we recommend contacting ProFloridian Public Adjusters for a free consultation.

If your claim was already denied, then you can still do something about it. An external public adjuster can reopen your claim and obtain full compensation for your losses. You only have to contact us!

What Is a Damage Exclusion?

Damage exclusions are one of the reasons why your claim is denied. Every insurance policy contains these damage exclusions. These are types of damage that the insurance company won’t cover. So, if your home is damaged by such an event, you won’t receive any insurance settlement. It’s how things work!

To prevent yourself from falling into such situations, read your insurance policy beforehand. If you don’t understand something, you can contact us at any time. We offer free consultations for any case, including denied claims. There’s no point in wasting time!

What Do I Do in Case of a Denied Insurance Claim?

If your property damage claim was denied, contact us immediately. Filing a denied claim in Florida should be left to the experts, after all. Our denied claim public adjusters are always available for a free consultation, and they can help you obtain a reasonable settlement quickly and efficiently.

While the procedures may be a hassle for you, it’s just another day at work for us. We’ve helped thousands of policyholders turn their denied claims into winning claims throughout the years. So, we know exactly how to help you. If you’re interested in reopening your denied claim, call us at (954) 588-7416 or contact us here!

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